Adamson S7 Calls Sound House Home

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Adamson S7 Calls Sound House Home

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Sound House are a production company operating out of Launceston, Tasmania, that pride themselves on delivering polished, professional events, whether it’s a corporate product launch or a rock gig on one of their custom built hydraulic stage trailers. Director Simon Widdowson places a premium on a quality result and knows that it’s essential to have high quality gear to deliver it. After a two year search, Sound House has upgraded its line array stock with an Adamson S7 system, a purchase that fits squarely with their ‘no compromises’ philosophy.

A compliment of S7 top boxes, S118 subwoofers, and Point 8 8″ point source loudspeakers for fill have entered Sound House’s inventory, all powered using Adamson’s E-rack containing Lab Gruppen amps, Lake processing, power and network distribution.

“We wanted a system to get us to the next level. The next level of sound quality, ease of use, and flexibility; a system that would go out the door more. Tasmania is really well supplied with high-level production equipment, and we felt that the Adamson S7 fitted our market, being a newer product as compared to other systems. And we’ve always liked high quality gear; it makes our results better and our job easier.”

A big selling point for Simon was the ability to break the rig down into smaller stand-alone systems, increasing flexibility and enhancing return on investment. Having only been in Sound House’s kit for three weeks, the S7s have already been earning their keep, handling the annual City of Launceston Christmas Tree Lighting, a high end corporate event in a museum, and the Stan Siejka Launceston Cycling Classic.

“The S7s really proved themselves at the Christmas Tree Lighting,” relates Simon. “We flew them from the rigging on our hydraulic stage trailer, and shot straight down the mall. There were 5,000 in attendance, and the S7s had more than enough presence to cut through. It was gratifying, as one of our other reasons to upgrade was that we needed more power for outdoor applications. The corporate event the next week was in a museum with another tricky acoustic; basically a huge empty concrete space. There were no fly points, so we ran ground stacked and it again performed really well.”

The S7 top boxes are two-way, full-range line array cabinets running two 7″ woofers and a 3″ compression driver. At 203 mm high and 527mm wide, the boxes are made of marine-grade birch plywood, fitted with aircraft-grade steel and aluminium. The result is a polished and sleek look that has Sound House’s tick of approval. “The S7s absolutely look the part for corporate work,” agrees Simon. “The build quality really stands out, and they have a great finish.”

Adamson’s SlideLock rigging system enables Sound House staff to set the array angles while the speakers are still stacked on the dolly, using a series of push-pins to lock in the rigging. It’s simple and easy to use, which has won the admiration of Simon and the team. “The way the rigging is labelled is very clear,” observes Simon. “The locking mechanism works really well, and I particularly like the way the pins are cabled to the cabinet so we can’t lose them. With the S7s weighing 15.9 kg and the S118s at 39 kg, we have no problems hanging a decent system in all of the venues we work that have low load limits.”

Ultimately, it’s all about the sound, and Sound House’s roster of FOH engineers are loving the new toys.

“All of our staff are raving about the S7s, they’re all really impressed by the sound quality. They’re also thrilled with the ease of the setup, and that it takes a minimum amount of work to rig, and almost no tuning to make it sound fantastic.”

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