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Fohhn has been successfully developing and manufacturing high-quality loudspeaker systems for more than 25 years in Nürtingen near Stuttgart, Germany. This location is not only home to their R&D, but also assembly, logistics, and sales. Starting in January 2020, all departments are housed in the same, brand-new building complex. Each individual system is manufactured by hand on-site and then subjected to stringent electronic, acoustic and visual quality inspections. 

Most of Fohhn’s suppliers are located in Southern Germany and supply Fohhn with high-quality electronic and mechanical parts. Their engineers and software developers are continuously examining new technologies, and are always aware of the latest trends in the industry. This enables the company to bring innovative systems with complex functions and maximum usability to the market. 

Fohhn Audio provides optimal solutions for a wide range of applications from a small conference room to a live PA in large halls and stadiums. They are a genuine partner for their customers over the entire duration of the project from planning to acoustic simulation and calibration to on-site project completion. Their Beam Steering Systems are available in all conceivable sizes as well as a wide range of sound point sources, line source speakers, line arrays, ceiling speakers, high-performance amplifiers, accessories and software.

Optimum visual integration is achieved at the highest  sound quality, with quick function and custom sound system principles.

Discover their Designer professional simulation tool. A web based tool for the development of proper sound reinforcement concepts and the presentation of your results.


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