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Pan Acoustics is a German-based manufacturer of professional audio equipment, specializing in high-quality sound systems for large-scale events and installations. The company was founded in 1996 and has since established itself as a leading provider of sound reinforcement solutions, with a reputation for innovation, reliability, and outstanding performance.

Pan Acoustics' product line includes a range of loudspeakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers, as well as digital signal processors and other accessories. The company's products are designed to deliver clear, powerful sound over long distances, making them ideal for outdoor concerts, sports events, and other large-scale installations.

One of the key features of Pan Acoustics' products is their ability to provide even coverage throughout the listening area, regardless of its size or shape. This is achieved through the use of advanced beam steering and sound reinforcement technologies, which allow the company's loudspeakers to focus their sound precisely where it is needed.

20 years of experience in the field of complex hardware and software, as well as the urge to always be one step ahead of current technology makes this brand what it is: pioneers in the field of audio high-tech. Together with the customer, we develop custom-made products and special solutions for an optimal sound experience. The brand is also a pioneer on the Immersive Audio space with state of the art technology, that is described as 4D Immersive audio.

Thanks to the Pan technology, active loudspeakers can be supplied via a classic CAT cable. This technology was developed to generate a maximum audio experience from your existing IT network. Modern Ethernet networks with Power over Ethernet (PoE) are available in different power classes and, depending on the version, can deliver constant power from 15.4 to 90 watts via a CAT cable.

In addition to its core product line, Pan Acoustics also offers a range of consulting and design services, helping customers to select the best sound system for their specific needs and to optimize its performance for their particular venue or event.

Overall, Pan Acoustics is a trusted and respected name in the world of professional audio, with a long history of providing high-quality sound solutions for large-scale events and installations. Its products are used by many of the world's top audio professionals and are renowned for their outstanding performance and reliability.


Corpus Christi congregation in Berlin opts for a two-wire solution

New sound from old cables

The church of the Roman Catholic parish Ss. Corpus Christi in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, is one of the largest Catholic churches in Berlin. The church with its bright design, consists of a nave, a gallery with organ and a high altar. The design concept is ideal for the reproduction of organ and choir music, but causes long reverberation times and making intelligible speech a challenge.

The installation of the audio system with Pan 2-Line technology, consists of 4 x Pan PB 08-P2L and 4 x Pan Beam PB 04-P2L speakers. The sound system now allows intelligible church services thanks to the active, digitally controllable line array speakers. Via the Pan DSP, built into the loudspeakers, the systems can be focused to the audience areas. The installation of the system was straight forward, as the Pan 2-Line technology allows the new digital speakers to be integrated directly using the existing cabling and eliminating the need for running new wires or opening walls.

Pan 2-Line in Leipzig's St. Boniface Church

Successful acoustics in the dome building

Challenging acoustic conditions and monument protection - two things that seem difficult to reconcile when it comes to renewing the sound system in a church. This is especially true when talking about a round building with a domed ceiling, as in this case.

Nevertheless, the Leipzig parish church, which dates back to 1929, reached maximum speech intelligibility by installing active loudspeakers from the Pan Beam series with Pan 2-Line technology. Due to the directional sound produced by the Beam Steering Technology, the "Word of God" arrives exactly where it is supposed to - regardless of whether listeners are positioned in a front row, to the side or in the very back. Unwanted reflections and disturbing reverberation are being reduced to a minimum.

The special feature: Pan 2-Line technology defies heritage restrictions and limited options for new cable runs. The cabling of the two existing loudspeaker columns could be re-used and the Pan P2L line array speakers could be effortlessly integrated using the same wires.

96-channel audio system for the Braunschweig State Theatre

Made for drama and opera

The State Theatre Braunschweig with its three venues is the oldest public multi-genre theatre in Germany. The main venue called “Großes Haus”, was opened in 1861 and today has a seating capacity of around 900 guests, distributed over three tiers in addition to the seats in the stalls.

Pan Acoustics installed a 96-channel audio system for flexible, active adjustment of the reverberation in the Braunschweig State Theatre. The audio system allows the theatre to adjust to the reverberation time from one to four seconds for different music and speech performances at the touch of a button. In doing so, the system sounds as natural as if the room was made for each performance.

Fascinating sound in the Red Hall

Feast for the ears thanks to P 261-AMT | Event

Straight under the roof of the Braunschweig Castle, the Red Hall is one of the most popular cultural venues in the City of Lions. Music, literature, theatre or movies - there is something for everyone.

For concerts - whether classical, jazz or rock - a sound system is available that can be used and heard in a variety of ways. The use of P 261-AMT | Event, 2-way loudspeakers of first-class quality with an AMT tweeter unit from Mundorf, ensures precise high-frequency reproduction and natural sound. The sound system is rounded off with several 18'' subwoofers to let it rumble properly.

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