SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE produces only a limited number of drums each year. Aimed at professional musicians and musicians who want to be professional, we focus on producing our drums as much as possible by hand. Driven by an intense attention to detail we focus on making the best sounding and most beautiful drums possible.  They play to inspire.

What does attention to detail mean for us? It involves everything from the choice of wood to the shell designs, the type of laminate, the number of plies, the type of glue, the assembly process, the painting, the finishing and most importantly the balance of how all these and many other elements are combined in the final product. And we take the time to blend these various elements into what we believe are the best drums in the world. standards that we have set for ourselves. We are building on generations of Japanese artisanal manufacturing techniques and know how; we know that good results don't come in a rush.

Sakae Osaka Heritage is part of a bigger drum community that involves many companies with higher output and greater manufacturing facilities and for those drummers who cannot wait, there are many faster and perhaps cheaper options available. We make no apologies for taking our time and focusing on producing a small number of the highest quality snares and kits for drummers who know.

We are pioneering an even deeper understanding of wood, metal and sound with all the attention to detail for which Japanese companies are rightfully renowned. We believe that when you buy drums and hardware from Sakae Osaka Heritage a Sakae you make a lifetime investment. with you is based on mutual patience and a determination to achieve the best.