CMI HQ Continues to Expand

CMI HQ Continues to Expand

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CMI Music & Audio headquarters has seen some dramatic changes over the last 18 months, and recently further renovations have been underway to the downstairs area of the main office.

Walls have been removed and long forgotten windows have been exposed. Where previously there were demo and storage areas, a new office department is nearing completion for the expanding Marketing Division. The Marketing team has been an area of expansion at CMI in recent years as the traditional role of a distributor in the supply chain continues to evolve and develop. The new dedicated Marketing Division office area will also feature an adjoining purpose-built video studio enabling the team to raise the production value of in-house generated video content across CMI channels, Noisegate.com.au and CMI’s various localised brand channels.

Once the new areas are completed and the Covid-19 situation becomes controlled, CMI is poised to provide the Marketing team a dedicated space to flourish and streamline — demonstrating a commitment to the ‘full service’ approach to CMI’s business.