CMI Music & Audio Has Expanded into Sydney 

CMI Music & Audio Has Expanded into Sydney 

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There’s always a bit of posture around industry releases but the vibe at our new CMI Sydney facility was all sunshine and optimism in mid-March. We revealed our new Showroom, Experience and Training Centre, having purchased the site recently. Until now CMI did all warehousing, product demos, and training out of Melbourne, routinely flying dealers down to product launches.

Our Managing Director Peter Trojkovic revealed he may move to Sydney to rev up sales of their portfolio, which includes the JBL, Adamson, and Fohhn loudspeaker brands, all of which were demoed at the launch. Peter reports that while CMI has always had Sydney-based sales staff, adding on a facility such as this can only boost business.

“The Sydney move came out of the company’s NSW position in the Pro Audio market not being as strong as other states, and my personal frustration of not being able to travel and wanting to get my teeth into a new project,” says Peter. “We also doubled down on our marketing efforts, increasing output, and invested in CRM for sales planning and pipeline to help the team increase speed to market. Lastly, we increased orders with most suppliers.”

CMI report a significant upswing in business now that the pandemic has eased, with rental and production firms, along with venues and places of worship, restarting acquisitions. They say the Adamson order book is very healthy, while the JBL Pro lines are growing in acceptance due to the recent introduction of new products. So how did CMI travel through the pandemic?

“The retail customer business grew substantially due to online and lockdown purchases, and a slowed supply chain from our competitors,” Peter said. “Our forward order plans helped us to secure inventory and we spot-bought goods from markets that slowed or stopped. We also saw a lot of new best-in-class technology products come in, especially from JBL Professional. The market was instantly accepting and placed strong orders.”

CMI not only retained all staff but also increased substantially in the second year of the pandemic,” continued Peter. “We are still looking to grow our team. Staff wellbeing was probably the biggest concern throughout the pandemic. We saw cracks in people’s personalities as the lockdowns wore on. We were making video calls fortnightly, and in some cases weekly, to speak with staff about their personal situation and how we could assist them. The interesting thing was just how nearly all the staff could not wait to get back to the office. So much so, that we started to bring some people back before restrictions allowed because the interest of the individual was more important.”

The CMI Team: Brian Vayler, Corey Sleeman, Scott Angove and Peter Trojkovic

“Right before the start of the pandemic, we had already decided to change up our customer communication, especially in MI,” explained Peter. “We implanted some key strategies that worked well in a lockdown environment. This paid huge dividends and we instantly saw an improvement in customer relations. We put additional resources to service our consumer and e-commerce division. The trend to online accelerated growth. We improved the marketing footprint and focused on communication in all directions. The company’s sales, brand management, and marketing structure look very different now. We’re more focused, and the team are really engaged with the changes and have a huge say in how we go to market with customers. The morale and team collaboration is probably at an all-time high, which is amazing considering we were locked down for so long.”

“The future has never looked so positive. With our retail business growing so much, we are planning to increase our sales representatives. The Pro audio market is growing at a very healthy rate, and foresee adding additional technical salespeople in key markets before the end of the year,” Peter concluded.

Anna Aubusson, Lauren Addison, Aleksandra Deren (Corporate Technology Services)
CMI’s Brian Vayler
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