CMI Music & Audio to Exclusively Distribute OPTOCORE Fibre Networks in Australia

CMI Music & Audio to Exclusively Distribute OPTOCORE Fibre Networks in Australia

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CMI is pleased to announce the addition of OPTOCORE to the Audio Division’s portfolio. OPTOCORE are the world’s most popular and innovative manufacturers of fibre optic networks. The company embraces open standards and provide the solutions required by the world’s most prominent events, theatres, stadiums and studios.

Designed, assembled and tested on-site in Munich, all OPTOCORE products are developed and maintained by their dedicated in-house design team. The OPTOCORE R&D department strives for efficient and elegant design of hardware, software and firmware, be that in use of the planet’s resources, energy efficiency or coding.

With many fibre-compatible solutions in CMI’s portfolio, this marks a strategic move by the Audio Division to position CMI as a one-stop solution for performance, broadcast and commercial audio networking.

“As a brand, we have already been recognised by pro-audio professionals in Australia for many years. Therefore, I am very happy for the opportunity to begin cooperation with such a respected company as CMI Music & Audio; it is an important step in the history of our company.

I am sure this will benefit customers, the engineering and commercial staff of CMI and ourselves alike.

Consequently, we hope to expand our presence in the installation, broadcast and hopefully soon to be revived live sectors.

CMI unquestionably has the competence to implement our fibre solutions as the correct and future-proof standard in these Australian market sectors.”

  • Dawid Somló, OPTOCORE – Sales Distribution Manager

“CMI is delighted to be appointed as Optocore’s exclusive distributor in Australia.

Optocore’s class leading range of products provides us with the ability to offer an unrivalled networked audio solution and is a perfect accompaniment with our existing product portfolio. We look forward to working closely with Optocore’s solution engineers in providing time critical, redundant, audio and control infrastructure.

With systems already deployed in world class venues such as the Madison Square Garden, Bastille Opera House, Paris and the newly deployed system in the MCG, this appointment advances our position as the leading provider of performance audio solutions in Australia.”

  • Peter Trojkovic, CMI Music & Audio, CEO


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