CMI Switches HQ Power Over To Solar Energy

CMI Switches HQ Power Over To Solar Energy

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"Installing solar power generation for your business is “the easiest form of income your business could ever receive. All you have to do every day is convince the sun to rise. It’s like an employee that you never have to pay, and from whom there is never a single complaint. It’s a total no-brainer. Any Australian business that hasn’t considered where their power comes from, how they might use less or generate at least some of it themselves via a renewable energy system... is frankly, missing out financially.”

As per Andy Stewart of CX Magazine

" It all started back in 2013 "

 CMI Music & Audio started going green back in 2013. It all started by replacing all of the lighting at our Brooklyn, Victoria HQ with LED. That one change dropped our power bills by 30%, which we’ve been tracking ever since.

After watching the technology develop and analysing the economics as they changed, CMI made the leap to generating electricity with our own solar panels in 2018. “I was watching the time it took for a solar system to pay for itself drop and drop over the years,” relates Peter Trojkovic Executive Director & CEO of CMI. “We made the decision to invest when that period hit around five years. It’s now down to four years or less.”

CMI opted for a 57kW system which produces much more than their needs at this stage. Panels are installed on the rooves of multiple buildings at their site; office, warehouse, and sheds. Since installation, power bills are now on average 40% of what they were in 2013, and that doesn’t even take inflation or electricity price rises into account.

CMI Solar System
Roof Top Solar Panels at CMI

Operating our own offices and warehouse on-site, air conditioning is our single largest electricity expense. The warehouse runs six forklifts, with five of them electric and recharged from the solar array. The team are currently investigating battery storage options. “We’ve just had the solar system audited to make sure it’s running correctly, and to get recommendations for battery back-up and storage,” adds Peter. “As we’ve paid off the solar array, we can then spend on a battery, and then pay that off. This system is paying for itself as we go along. Our aim is not to need the grid at all, are there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to do this.”

Peter advises of what to be aware of if you’re considering the move to solar for your business. “Be careful, and get a few quotes,” he advises. “There are, unfortunately, a lot of dodgy operators in the field. Our solar panels are European-made, our inverters are US-made. It’s important to ensure any system you invest in is not cheap garbage. The bottom line is, if you can pay for it over four years, you then get at least another six or more years of electricity free. Now, it wasn’t a cheap exercise, but I felt it was something we had to do as an environmentally responsible organisation. It was a matter of not if, but when.”

The CMI warehouse crew and their electric forks
Responsible CMI recycling