Hostile environments call for
innovative solutions.

Public Address and Voice Alarm (PA/VA) systems are an essential service in public transport facilities, road tunnels and other public spaces. A well designed and commissioned PA/VA system can provide an effective means of communication with the general public. Intelligibility and clarity are essential for crisis management and emergency communications. Harsh and hostile environments require innovative and proven solutions to ensure clarity and longevity.


With our in house design team we can ensure that all PA/VA systems meet the highest standards of clarity, intelligibility and reliability.

Tunnel Horns

Axys Tunnel are industry leaders in Tunnel horn technology with their innovative ABF-260 Tunnel Horn and supporting amplifiers and monitoring systems.

Fibre Solutions

Fibre networks are used in a wide variety of applications to replace copper infractures in complex audio environments. Optocore offer solutions to cater for even the most complex of applications.

All Weather Loud Speakers

For outdoor performance and listening spaces we offer weatherised solutions from Adamson and JBL to cover the full range of requirements. From music and performance focused, to public address and voice alarm optimised speakers.

AXYS Tunnel Case Study : St Helena Tunnel, Byron Bay

Traditionally, hundreds of daisy-chained 100V constant voltage speaker boxes would line a tunnel all set to the same time-zero. The STI from such a system would be miserably low. STI stands for Speech Intelligibility Index. A score of 1 is perfect and a score of 0 perfectly dreadful. A score of 0.5 is the sort of benchmark you’d find specified for an emergency message system in a tunnel. Scoring 0.5 with a conga line of 100V speakers is just not going to happen.

Duran Audio gave this some thought and introduced the AXYS ABF-260 tunnel horn. The product is based on a 100W single compression driver with a two-inch voice coil, but the trick is in the horn. The ABF-260 is installed onto the ceiling of the tunnel, pointing down the length of the tunnel and between each lane of traffic. The official dimensions of the horn is 1391mm(L) x 892mm(W) x 345mm(H) but the ceiling of the tunnel actually serves as part of the waveguide. The bright idea means you decrease lateral (side-to-side) reflections quite considerably by using the ceiling as part of the baffle.


Tokyo Summer Olympics

Installer: Norwest

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Opening and Closing ceremonies almost certainly represented the largest deployment of Optocore audio network devices ever seen.


St Francis Xavier College

Installer: Perfection Audio

Melbourne’s St Francis Xavier College is a Catholic secondary college with three campuses across the outer south-east. Two of these, in Beaconsfield and Officer respectively, are now the lucky owners of Adamson PA systems, both manufactured to weatherproof spec by Adamson, covering outdoor areas for assemblies, performances, and sport.


MCG Stadium

Installer: Auditoria and Diversified

The Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) recently committed more than AUD$50m to a substantial upgrade to its 100,000-seat stadium which included an AUD$25m contract for a new site-wide PA, transport and connectivity, masterminded by two eminent technology companies. Australian sound & AV consultants Auditoria conceived the system, and Diversified (who in 2019 acquired Rutledge AV in Australia) undertook the complex integration at the famous MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).


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