From Portable Sound to Touring Systems

When it comes to live sound, we offer all the best products, from wireless microphones and mixers to full PA systems. Better yet, many of us use the gear we sell, and we use that experience to make sure we have the knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction.


Our performance space solutions are ideal for a small performance theatre or live music venue through to the largest performance space hosting world class acts. We can provide both active and passive point source solutions all the way through to high sound pressure level international touring level line-array solutions with exceptional best in class bass augmentation options, as well as exceptional on-stage monitor choices. We use the latest state-of-the-art acoustic predictive software to design our systems that will provide guaranteed even coverage to every seat in the house. 

Portable Sound

The evolution of the all-in-one “stick” PA has advanced in leaps and bounds recently. Our range of the full function, full range PAs and the simplicity of their use, will cover any requirement for that small to medium sized artist or band and will provide the room and audience with quality sound usually found in larger component-based systems. 

Full Range System

The Mid-high and Subwoofer combination PA concept has been around for many years. The requirements have changed, that being a power full range sound coming from the smallest possible size, weight and footprint products. We have the very latest in technology able to deliver the performance of a large composite system all coming for a Mid-high subwoofer combination at a very reasonable price 

Line-Array Solutions

Line-array solutions have been the staple of the medium to large band requirements. Flexible line-array technology has changed the concept that these need to be flown in the air and used in a large time-consuming setup. Today we have easy set up ground stacked options that provide all the advantages of line-array technology options at a fraction of the cost and setup time normally associated with this style of system.

Element ICT Expands with JBL BRX300 Powered Line Array Series

Just over a year ago, Chris Manton from Sydney’s Element ICT acquired JBL BRX300 compact line array for their hire stock. At that stage, the system comprised two subs and eight top boxes. So where to from here? More BRX of course!

The first few gigs in mid-2021 debuted the new purchase, with an addition of two extra array modules on each side, loaned by CMI Music & Audio, who convinced them it was worth growing it out. According to Chris, flying six array modules with two subs blew them and the audience away. This convinced them to continue running this configuration for a while before purchasing their own additional subs. There’s nothing like trying before you buy!

Their now fully specced set up has enabled Element ICT to provide a system that can be sliced and diced to create whatever they want and works for all general purpose indoor and outdoor work, with versatility being a key component. Priding themselves on being a solution-based business, having flexibility in what they can deliver is paramount.


Illawarra Production

Illawarra Production Services have recently invested in an Adamson Line Array System consisting of S10 full range line arrays and S10 full range cabinets. 


Going Off Grid

As part of their continuing research into battery-powered solutions, Be Productions got talking to the audio team at CMI Music & Audio and had their attention caught by the JBL EON ONE Compact.


Brisbane Sound Group

Brisbane Sound Group have reinvigorated their PA inventory with an eye to the 2022 recovery, diving into Adamson’s self-powered and scalable CS Series in a big way. 


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