Portable Sound Solutions

Sound Solutions That Move With You. Clients requiring portable sound systems range from street buskers to mobile DJs to Fitness Professionals to Houses of Worship — right up to internationally touring artists. If you’re unsure what best suits your needs, please reach out to our team.

Battery Powered

JBL Professional Currently have a wide range solutions for those looking for powerful sound where mains power isn’t available or audio must be moved constantly.

JBL Eon One Compact
The JBL EON ONE Compact packs a professional speaker, a full-featured, 4-channel mixer and Bluetooth control into our most compact battery-powered PA, weighing in at just 17.6 pounds. Sound your best in seconds with premium Lexicon and dbx-inspired effects and presets that you can customize right on your phone or tablet using the JBL EON ONE Compact Control app—no engineer needed.

JBL Eon One MkII
The JBL EON ONE MK2 battery-powered column PA packs a class-leading acoustic package, 5-channel digital mixer, dbx and Lexicon DSP, Bluetooth functions and universal app control into a lightweight, portable package that can be carried in one hand. The EON ONE MK2 delivers the fidelity JBL is legendary for, combining a geometrically optimized, C-shaped 8-tweeter array with a 10” woofer to deliver class-leading clarity and coverage down to 37 Hz, with wide dispersion and a maximum output of 123dB. 

Compact PA

JBL Professional have a range of compact PA systems suitable for those on the move or if you want a small semi-permanent setup.

EON700 Series
The EON700 Series represents a major step forward in innovation and technology: JBL engineers used exclusive, state-of-the-art design and measurement techniques to deliver the best-performing loudspeakers in their category, regardless of application. With four models available, including the 10-inch EON710, the 12-inch EON712 and the 15-inch EON715 powered PA speakers and the 18-inch EON718S subwoofer, EON700 systems cover the needs of today’s working musicians and sound providers.

PRX900 Series
BL PRX900 Series powered loudspeakers and subwoofers take professional portable PA performance to a new level with advanced acoustics, comprehensive DSP, unrivaled power performance and durability and complete BLE control via the JBL Pro Connect ecosystem. The line, which includes three powered two-way loudspeakers and two powered subwoofers, has been entirely built from the ground up to leverage JBL’s most advanced acoustic innovations. 

SRX900 Series
The SRX900 Series embodies the advanced performance principles that drive JBL's development of audio products that make a real difference in the world of professional audio. This family of powered line arrays and subwoofers addresses the growing need for affordable, scalable small and medium-format professional sound-reinforcement solutions. It’s ideal for rental companies, fixed installations and musicians seeking the ultimate combination of performance and portability.

Mixing Consoles

Soundcraft, Tascam and Korg design and manufacture a number of high-end consoles ideal for portable or semi-permanent PA setups.

Soundcraft Si Series
The Si series are Soundcraft’s compact digital mixing consoles, ideal for complex setups, such as a live music venues and houses of worship. Designed to be as simple as an analog mixer, but offer radical workflow enhancements such as the unique FaderGlow™ system, massive DSP power, USB audio interface and inbuilt Lexicon/BSS effects.

Soundcraft GB Series
Traditional analogue mixing consoles, designed for live use. Available in a range of sizes, from the rack-mountable GB2R to the enormous GB8. Careful attention has been given to the mechanical construction, to ensure reliability under strenuous conditions.

Tascam Model Series
Tascam’s digital/analogue hyrid mixers provide the best of both worlds, with the added bonus of onboard sd-card recording and USB multi-track interface. This makes the Model 24, Model 16 or Model 12 an ideal choice for those looking for a unit that can do it all.

Korg SoundLink Series
A brand new addition for 2020, Korg has announced the MW-2408 and MW-1608 digital/analog hybrid mixers, created in collaboration with Greg Mackie and Peter Watts. Both the 16 and 24 track models are true 8-bus designs, and the only mixers in their class with Mute Groups. 

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