Musical Instruments

CMI is proud to represent some of the most respected musical instrument brands in the world. 

From cutting edge performance workstations to electric guitars and bases, we have a range of options to suit studios, practice rooms, classroom music, rock band programs and backlines. We also offer top end amplification and effects brands, perfect for fitting out a studio, classroom or a comprehensive backline for a venue or theatrette.

Keyboards and Synthesizers

From Digital pianos to Performance workstations or classic analogue synths to hybrid drum machines, our brands are some of the most respected names in electronic instruments.


From Digital pianos to Performance workstations or classic analogue synths to hybrid drum machines, our brands are some of the most respected names in electronic instruments.

Workstations  Digital Pianos  Synthesizers


Arturia create interesting and creative instruments for music making. Whether is exciting hybrid synths or interesting drum machines, they are at the forefront of electronic instrument design.

Synths & Drum Machines


Specializing in digital synthesizer design, Modal is a British company that have produced high-quality digital hardware synths that offer unique sound design and software integration.

Modal Synths

Amplifiers & Pedals

Having the right equipment for your students to use when on campus is incredibly important for student experience. Whether it’s a set of amps for practice rooms or powerful heads & cabs for your stage backline, our brands have the some of the most exciting products in these spaces.


Blackstar Amplification creates groundbreaking guitar amplifiers that blend innovative technology with classic tones. Blackstar has a range of products form practice amps to powerful stage amps that achieve exceptional sound quality

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Aguilar are a premium manufacturer of heads, cabinets, preamps, pickups and effects pedals for bass that can help elevate students sound to a professional level while providing industry standard equipment.

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Darkglass offers a range of bass amplification products, including preamps, amplifiers, and pedals. The company's products are designed to meet the needs of professional musicians and touring bassists and are built with the highest-quality components and materials.

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Effects Pedals

We carry a number of pedal brands from legacy brands like Digitech that produce the famous whammy pedal to modern boutique brands like Source Audio that have created instant classics. Universal Audio also produce their own range of pedals inspiring bringing their knowledge of DSP and effects to the space.

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Guitars & Bases

Our brands produce high quality electric or acoustic guitars & bases while that can suit a range of educational needs like classroom music or stage bands.

ESP is known for its high-quality instruments, which are used by musicians around the world. The company's electric guitars are known for their versatility, powerful sound, and striking appearance, and are used in a variety of musical genres. ESP's basses are also highly regarded, and are known for their rich, full sound and playability. 

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Concentrating on well-built, affordable acoustic guitars, the company has recently taken the global spotlight with the introduction of app-based smart technology in the ‘HyVibe’ range. Top-selling Tramontane and Occitania acoustic lines boast solid top configurations and high-quality woods with affordable price points throughout the range.

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Spector is proud to continue to be the home of their original world-famous curved body design. They create high-quality instruments suited to a range of players including students.

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Universal Audio Amp Modelling Technology

OX Amp Top Box is a premium reactive load box, allowing guitarists to play and record their tube amp in its ideal sweet spots — from the edge-of-breakup to fully cranked — at any volume level, and with instant album-quality mic, room, and speaker cabinet emulations at the turn of a knob. Featuring Universal Audio's breakthrough Dynamic Speaker Modeling, OX emulates speaker breakup and cone cry like no other box on the market. It's the world's finest boutique speaker attenuator and guitar amp recording solution — overbuilt for years of home and studio use.

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