Endorsement Application

Endorsement Application

Our artists are the connection in between our brands and the audience and they are one of the most important assets at CMI. CMI has the privilege to manage Australian artists relations for some of the biggest brands in the world.

If you currently use some of our products or have experience with them and they are your first choice as your musical tools of trade, you can apply for an endorsement. It is necessary that you have an established career in the music industry if you wish to be considered as one of our brand’s artist.

To submit an application for endorsement, please read the important FAQ below and fill in the form:

*All endorsement applications are subject to approval and will be analysed and approved accordingly.

Endorsee Application Form


Our artists belong to a worldwide family of elite musicians that possess incredible talent, which we are proud to expose to the world.

Our artists have the privilege of getting discounts on our products, as well as substantial discounts on thousands of related musical products.

They are offered presence on our marketing network, have their writings published in our publications, and receive professional advice and career guidance.

Our artists are asked to participate in publications and stories produced and funded by CMI, which provides priceless public relations and marketing mechanisms for our artists by exposing their music to thousands.

CMI expects their endorsed artists to be active members of music industry and community. Being performers, influencers or teachers in the music industry.

CMI facilitates endorsed artists to obtain instruments easily and we expect our artists to reciprocate by using our products consistently in the studio, on tour, and in clinics. Whatever and however our endorsed artist performs, they do it with expression and are open to sharing with others the fact that they found inspiration on one of our products.

They should thank CMI and our brands for support and mention what equipment they play with if given an opportunity.

CMI would love to receive updates on artist’s careers, such as new recordings, tours, teaching appointments, publications, etc.

Although we are one company, we are made up of different divisions and we represent different brands. If an artist expresses interest in purchasing a different instrument from another brand or division, they will be offered support on a case-by-case basis.

CMI does not pay artists to play its instruments. We are not a booking agency or management service. We can offer product advice, but it is incumbent on the artists to define and propel his or her own career.

CMI rarely, if ever, uses artists in advertisements. We choose to promote our artists and their accomplishments in our own publications.

CMI does not pay artists to play gigs or concerts other than CMI events.


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