Fohhn Media Scale

The legendary fohhn audio systems intelligibility & reliability for your conference room

Full sound in a scalable designer housing, perfect for use in conference and meeting rooms. Available in custom lengths, colours and with or without inbuilt camera.


The best solution for your conference room.

The loudspeaker systems from the Media Scale product line guarantee the best sound and perfect speech clarity. Thanks to the integrated Fohhn sub extensions, an additional subwoofer is not required. On request, the models can be adjusted to the size of your screen, thus visually blending in perfectly. Plus, thousands of special colours are available. It’s your choice.

Fohhn Media Scale

Full sound in scalable design enclosures - no subwoofer needed.

The Scale systems of the Media series provide full sound over the entire frequency range. Thanks to the integrated Fohhn Sub Extensions, a powerful bass reproduction is guaranteed. If desired, we can adjust the enclosure length for your application. Together with our various colour and mounting options, the Media Scale systems are extremely flexible.

Scale-Bar is optimized for use in video conference and meeting rooms and can also be equipped with an integrated camera and microphone.
For speaker systems from the Media series, MA-4.100 is the perfectly matched system amplifier. Or choose Hybrid-1 for an active solution for hybrid meetings and training courses.

Audio solutions from Fohhn
The best decision.

We have been focusing on the development of professional and cost-effective equipment for conference and meeting rooms for years. The results are loudspeaker systems and compact amplifiers that guarantee superb speech clarity and are easy to integrate visually. And intelligence is included in the system. Thanks to all the components and our specially developed presets, sound that is usually poor during video conferences is the best possible and natural. The reason for this is that crisp sound is more important than a perfect image. To achieve this, we have used our know-how from more than 26 years in the pro audio industry and have developed systems that can meet the varied requirements in conference rooms and that are easy to integrate into media control systems.

MA System Amplifiers

Reliable. Versatile. Economical.

The MA system amplifier concept for fixed installations

Use with Fohhn System Power Amplifier MA-4.100 for fixed installations. Two versions available: with analog inputs or Dante input. Ideal for conference rooms.

One-on-One Personal Sessions

We all know its not time for long webinars, that’s why we focus on the topics that our users and clients want to expand their knowledge: Fohhn Designer, system configuration, system integration, Beam steering and much more.

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