The industry standard in audio monitoring for over 50 years.

Formed by James B. Lansing in the turbulent mid-1940s, JBL first set up shop in Los Angeles, making innovative loudspeaker designs with flat ribbon wire voice coils and Alnico magnets. But it was in the ‘60s that JBL really caught the attention of the booming pro-audio market with the JBL 4320 series studio monitor, introduced through Capitol Records in Hollywood. The 4320 became the standard monitor worldwide for its parent company, EMI. 

Things may have changed since those days, but sighting JBL monitors within top studios remains a constant. Introduced in 2013, the M2 Master Reference Monitors are the golden standard in large format monitors and introduced JBL’s waveguide image control system to the world. The technology was then scaled to provide exceptional clarity on the powerful but compact 7 Series Master Reference monitors, as well as the MKII 3 Series nearfield studios monitors.

Fully equipped to deliver the performance required for the next generation of immersive media.

JBL 7 Series speaker systems are an ideal solution for production houses and education institutes requiring complex surround sound installations to meet the requirements of modern cinema and streaming services. Melbourne’s Collarts tertiary college recently finished their new Atmos Room, spec’d for Dolby Atmos production. The Atmos Room is outfitted with 20 JBL loudspeakers, including three JBL 708P monitors in L/C/R configuration, ten 705P monitors around the walls, six Control 2P monitors on the ceiling and a JBL S2SEX 15-inch subwoofer powered by a Crown amplifier. The system is controlled using a JBL Intonato 24 Monitor Management and Tuning System, which provides EQ, delay, and format switching between Atmos, 7.5, 5.1 and stereo. 

Collarts also fitted their primary recording space and critical listening room with JBL M2 Master Reference Monitors, as well as 3 Series Studio Monitors throughout the College’s smaller studio spaces. Read the full case study below.

M2 Master Reference Monitors

7 Series Master Reference Monitors

3 Series MKII Reference Monitors

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