Korg Release Volca Sample: The Next Generation

Korg Release Volca Sample: The Next Generation

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Korg and CMI are proud to introduce the second generation of the extremely popular Volca sample. Based on user feedback, the “Next Generation” Volca sample now features a redesigned interface, more memory, a brand new sample library and other new features.

The Volca sample now also includes a micro USB input, making it possible to connect the Volca sample to your computer, making sample management much more convenient, faster and easier and features twice the memory and number of samples than its predecessor (up to 200 samples). The presets have also been revised, and now includes a brand new sample library of 150 samples to suit almost any genre.

The number of pattern slots has also increased from 10 to 16 and now includes the popular “pattern chain” feature.



  • Load samples from the dedicated iOS app14 variable digital oscillator modes and new Vocoder mode
  • In addition to the 100 preloaded samples, you can use a dedicated, free iOS app to load your very own original user samples
  • AudioPocket enables you to program your volca sample memory with audio samples 

    Expect to pay- AUD $249 SSP

    Shipment due in late September

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