Lâg Guitars Partner with CMI for Australian Distribution

Lâg Guitars Partner with CMI for Australian Distribution

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Lâg Guitars

CMI Music & Audio are proud to announce a new distribution partnership with Lâg Guitars.

Lâg Guitars was founded in the Occitania region of France, by master luthier Michel Lâg-Chavarria. Concentrating on well-built, affordable acoustic guitars, the company has recently taken the global spotlight with the introduction of app-based smart technology in the ‘HyVibe’ range. Top-selling Tramontane and Occitania acoustic lines boast solid top configurations and high-quality woods with affordable price points throughout the range.

“We at Algam are delighted to announce our new partnership with CMI to distribute Lâg guitars in Australia. Lâg is starting a new phase in its development and it is critical for us to have the best partners overseas. CMI is one of them. We are very proud of the quality and reliability of our instruments and are also very excited about our Hyvibe guitars. They really take the acoustic guitar to another level and offer a unique experience to guitar players. We are looking forward to working together with CMI to promote the brand and establish the position it deserves in the Australian market.”

Antoine Kimmel – Director, Algam International 

“CMI is proud to exclusively represent Lâg Guitars here in Australia on behalf of our friends at Algam. It’s no secret that we’ve had a void in our product line-up, but we really wanted to partner with a company that understands our business model and would be a good fit. The team at CMI have been incredibly impressed by the build quality of Lâg Guitars, and we feel they represent exceptional value for money. We are also excited by the unique technology behind the HyVibe guitar line. This will clearly be a tool for the future generation of songwriters, it’s heaps of fun to play and we think customers will be just as impressed as we are.”

Nathan Brady – VP of Sales & Marketing, CMI Music & Audio

lag guitar

The HyVibe range combines forward-thinking app-based technology with the tone and playability of the acoustic guitar. Utilizing Doctor Adrien Mamou Mani’s 7+ years of research at the famous IRCAM institute in Paris, with 40 years of guitar manufacturing expertise, Lâg offers all guitar lovers a new category of instruments providing the best in technology and lutherie design.

Arriving Jan 2021

Lâg Guitars