Native Instruments Release KOMPLETE 13: The Biggest KOMPLETE Ever!

Native Instruments Release KOMPLETE 13: The Biggest KOMPLETE Ever!

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Komplete-13 Feature

Native Instruments and CMI are excited to announce the most versatile KOMPLETE ever. KOMPLETE 13 is a virtually limitless collection of inspiring tools for professional production, scoring, performance, and sound design. Included are premium instruments and effects – from cutting-edge synths to symphonic sample libraries – and Expansions..

New additions include: 

  • SUPER 8

Guitar Rig Pro 6:
After 9 years, Guitar Rig 5 has finally had an overhaul. Revamped, redesigned, reimagined: GUITAR RIG 6 returns with new tones, new amps, new effects, and new ways to sculpt your sound.

Cremona Quartet:
The sound of ultra-rare string instruments, meticulously sampled in their hometown of Cremona.
Includes: Stradivari Violin, Guarneri Violin, Amati Viola and Stradivari Cello

Melodic vocal-based granular instrument for creating uniquely-human textures, pads, leads, and effects.

One-of-a-kind cinematic vocal instrument for innately human textures

Nils Frahm’s evocative concert grand, captured in Saal 3 of Berlin’s renowned Funkhaus recording complex.

Super 8: 
Modern take on vintage polysynth sounds in a fun eight-voice instrument that has a purposely simple user interface.

KOMPLETE 13 Product Line-Up

Komplete Start (Free)
Komplete Select
Komplete 13
Komplete 13 Ultimate
Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Editions

*KOMPLETE 13 will maintain the same prices of the KOMPLETE 12 bundles, which represents fantastic value for the end-user.

*Updates and upgrades from Komplete 12 will also be available.

In-Store Date: Early October

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