New Aguilar DB 599 Bass Compressor

New Aguilar DB 599 Bass Compressor

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CMI Music & Audio is excited to announce the release of Aguilar’s latest micro pedal, the DB 599 Bass Compressor.

The DB 599 bass compressor gives bassists the ability to control their dynamics in a simple and compact format. Tailored around the specific needs of bass players, the DB 599 utilizes musically appropriate compression ratios and attack/release parameters to make dialling in your compressed tone a breeze.


  • Bassists who are looking for a no-fuss, easy-to-dial-in compressor for their bass
  • Bassists who want to add compression to their signal chain without altering the character of their bass or sacrificing their low-end

    ETA – Late May 2021
    RRP $379.00
    Find your Aguilar Dealer here: