New JBL Intonato 24 Firmware Update and Enhancements Now Available

New JBL Intonato 24 Firmware Update and Enhancements Now Available

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JBL Professional has announced a new firmware update with feature enhancements that is now available for registered Intonato customers. Based on feedback from users, this release optimizes the performance and stability of the Intonato processor, application software and desktop controller.

To take advantage of the new update and features, new Intonato 24 processor firmware and application and desktop controller software should all be downloaded from the Intonato 24 product page.


AutoIP Feature

A network connection can be achieved in two ways: When connected to a DHCP-enabled network, the Intonato receives an IP address from the DHCP server. When the network is not DHCP-enabled, the Intonato can connect to the network via AutoIP. The default AutoIP address for the Intonato is: 169.254.###.###. This address appears in the Intonato rear-panel LCD display upon power-up. Once connected to the network, the HARMAN HiQnet® NetSetter™ application for Windows can be used to assign a different static IP address if required for the application.

EQ Bypass/EQ Bypass All Features

When the BYPASS control is enabled, its control color changes from gray to green and all bands of USER EQ or ROOM EQ are deactivated on the given channel simultaneously. Two additional controls appear on the EDIT SETTINGS/USER EQ page and also the SYSTEM CALIBRATION/ROOM EQ page. The new BYPASS control has been added to each output channel allowing the user to disable all eight bands of user EQ or all 12 bands of ROOM EQ simultaneously on the given channel. Disabling the BYPASS control restores the channel’s previously configured EQ settings. The BYPASS ALL control allows bypass of EQ on all output channels simultaneously. Previous settings are restored when the BYPASS ALL is disabled. These settings can be found in EDIT SETTINGS/USER EQ and SYSTEM CALIBRATION/ROOM EQ.

Bug Fixes:

• Fixes reported issues of corrupted profiles after firmware update.
• Fixes reports of “bricked” units after firmware update from 1.0.13 to 1.0.18.


Please note that this Software update also includes a Firmware update for the Intonato 24. The Firmware MUST be updated at this time by using the Firmware Updater located in the Settings menu. Please allow the Intonato 24 to perform a reboot after updating the Firmware. Do not power cycle the unit at any time during the Firmware update process.

Download the Update Here: