New Korg NC-Q1 Smart Noise Cancelling DJ Headphones

New Korg NC-Q1 Smart Noise Cancelling DJ Headphones

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CMI Music & Audio is excited to announce the imminent arrival of the KORG NC-Q1 Smart Noise Cancelling DJ Headphones. 

KORG’s NC-Q1 is a very new kind of Bluetooth headphone technology, developed to protect your ears even in very loud environments while delivering unsurpassed high definition sound and noise-less monitoring. Combining state-of-the-art Active Noise Cancelling, incoming sound attenuation and an array of smart features, the NC-Q1 headphones provide a flexible, controllable, powerful and great-sounding experience.


  • Outstanding Noise Cancelling and Sound Filtering
  • Attenuation function for very noisy environments
  • Smart monitoring with Sound enhancing (Volume/EQ control)
  • Clear, precise High-resolution audio with wide frequency response
  • Controls that are easy to access, intuitive and flexible
  • Bluetooth, Siri/Google assistant, popular CODECs supported
  • Rechargeable battery; 36 hours of use on a single charge.
  • Included Items: 3.5mm → 6.35 mm stereo converter plug, Carry bag, USB cable

Available in Black or White

Expect to Pay $499.00

Find your KORG Australia Retailer via the link: