New NTS-2 Oscilloscope Kit + PATCH & TWEAK with KORG

New NTS-2 Oscilloscope Kit + PATCH & TWEAK with KORG

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Patch, Tweak, Build, Explore A powerful package to help your synth exploration!

KORG, in collaboration with noted publisher Bjooks, (“PUSH TURN MOVE”, “PATCH & TWEAK” series…) is proud to present a fascinating KORG and ARP synth exploration experience in the form of this special, limited edition Bundle. 

This bundle combines the NTS-2, a powerful new tool optimized for a variety of studio tasks, and the “PATCH & TWEAK with KORG” book, a comprehensive look at semi-modular synthesis through the lens of KORG and ARP’s iconic synthesizers. Along with a multitude of artist interviews, patch tips, tutorials, historical explorations, and more, this book will teach you how to put the NTS-2’s power to work in your studio as a companion to your synthesizers and audio gear.  

 Synth beginners and seasoned musicians alike will find the journey, not just educational, but also inspirational and full of new discoveries.

An interactive bundle experience 

 The NTS-2 Kit and “PATCH & TWEAK with KORG” book were conceived and developed to complement each other, providing not only fundamental knowledge, but also the tools to guide and inspire synth lovers through their music journey.  

 The Nu:Tekt NTS-2 is a DIY multifunctional tool for musicians. Building on a 4-channel oscilloscope that makes it easy to monitor and analyze audio and Control Voltage signals alike, the NTS-2 also includes a flexible waveform generator and spectrum analyzer, as well as tuner functions that make it the ideal addition to any studio. 

“PATCH & TWEAK with KORG”’ is the latest title in the “PATCH & TWEAK” series from noted publisher Bjooks. It’s a comprehensive guide to semi-modular synthesis and the music that it has inspired, presented with a focus on the MS-20 Mini, the groundbreaking volca modular, the reimagined ARP 2600 M, and the SQ-1 and SQ-64 sequencers. Dozens of tutorials, tips, and tricks cover everything from the basics to advanced sound design methods. Interviews with famous and emerging artists, insights from KORG and ARP engineers, and detailed timelines of KORG synthesizers and ARP’s legendary keyboards, make this book a must-have for any synth enthusiast. 

 The book features a wide variety of tips and tricks that use the NTS-2’s many functions to expand the power of your studio.

NTS-2: The modern musician's Swiss Army knife

The NTS-2 kit is compact and easy to assemble (*), but don’t let its size fool you – it packs a real punch! The NTS-2 is an oscilloscope, tuner, FFT, and spectrum analyzer that is accurate, intuitive, and incredibly useful. But that’s not all – using its dual stereo IN, dual stereo THRU/OUT, and two separate OUTPUTs, you can wire it into your synth rig and use its dual waveform generators to give yourself an extra pair of oscillators or LFOs! It’s the ideal tool for every synth lover and modular user – from beginner to pro. 

 (*) No soldering needed, the assembly process requires less than 20 minutes.

A useful toolset for musicians

The NTS-2 includes a variety of useful studio functions, all in a pocket-sized, elegant package that you can take anywhere. 


With its dual stereo inputs, you can study up to four signals at once, comparing and overlapping them with ease. A variety of display modes let you see your data in color, a huge advantage over the old oscilloscopes you’ve seen in science fiction movies! Its user interface is clear and quick, thanks to its dedicated menu buttons and clickable encoder knob, and its 240 x 320 pixel 2.8” color LCD is a joy to watch. 


To further dive into analyzing any signal, the NTS-2 also comes with a dedicated FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) mode with a real-time Spectrum Analyzer. These handy tools have always been out of reach for the synth musician because they either required expensive hardware or a nearby computer. Now you can carry them in your pocket! 


But the NTS-2 is much more than just an oscilloscope. The flexible Wave Generator mode has 2 oscillators with dedicated outputs, so you can test your synth rig or just get creative!  Each oscillator can create a variety of waveforms – sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and noise – whose shape and phase can be adjusted to suit many applications.  

 These sounds can be used in the audio range or as control voltage sources, and they can be set to cycle continuously or act as one-shot impulses; that means you can turn them into LFOs, envelopes, triggers, and control voltage generators, as well as sound sources. Attaching the NTS-2 to any patchable synthesizer instantly expands its power in useful ways, making it an analog synth player’s dream tool. 


And of course, coming from KORG, this multi-functional utility kit wouldn’t be complete without a precise and easy-to-use Tuner with multiple display modes!  

 Being able to receive and monitor up to 4 input signals at the same time, the NTS-2  is an analog synth player’s dream tool. 

Connectivity and ease of use 

The NTS-2 offers plenty of ways to connect to your studio, despite its small footprint. Besides its 4-channel input and dual waveform output features, its dual stereo THRU/OUT ports let you leave it wired into your system. It’s much easier to understand what you’re doing if you can see the signals and use them at the same time, rather than constantly plugging and unplugging cables. This handy function lets you maintain your signal flow at all times – even when the NTS-2 has been powered off.  

 Speaking of power, the NTS-2 maximizes portability and flexibility by using either batteries or a USB-C power supply, depending on your needs. 

Nu:Tekt DIY fun 

 As with other Nu:Tekt products, the NTS-2 is a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit that is extremely easy and quick to assemble (see assembly video below). 

 When you open the bundle with “Patch & Tweak with KORG”, you’ll find something extra: an exclusive set of transparent side panels for your NTS-2, letting it stand up at one of two different mounting angles for easy use in any studio or stage rig, as well as a BJOOKS and KORG Sticker set. 


What is “PATCH & TWEAK with KORG”? 

“PATCH & TWEAK with KORG” is a detailed look at semi-modular synthesis. It is based around KORG and ARP’s popular range of patchable synthesizers – the MS-20 mini, ARP 2600 M, and volca modular, as well as the SQ-1 and SQ-64 sequencers and the NTS-2 Oscilloscope. You can explore the principles of semi-modular synthesis through these beautiful machines, and supercharge your creativity with dozens of tips, techniques, and patches. Synth novices, experienced professionals, KORG enthusiasts, and ARP lovers alike will find this book an essential resource. 


Going through the basic concepts of oscillators, LFOs, envelope generators, sequencing, etc., each chapter ramps up to more advanced tips and tricks. The designs and features of the different KORG semi-modular synths are explained and visualized, with clearly-labeled patch diagrams and useful color-coding that makes it easy to follow along. 


Come up close with artists and their relationship with the KORG semi-modular products: their creative processes, patch tips, and integration with their other gear. These interviews will ignite your imagination and inspire you to explore new sonic territory. 


This book creates a deep understanding of how these instruments interface with the outside world – ideas largely unexplored in manuals and online demos. Now that you have these instruments, how do you integrate them effectively with the gear you already have? What should your next steps be to maximize their power? You’ll learn lots of these strategies, and much more. 



  • Included items:NTS-2, “PATCH & TWEAK with KORG” book, side panels for NTS-2, Stickers 

Number of pages: 216 

  • Featured products:MS-20 / volca modular /  ARP 2600 m / NTS-2 and many others. 
  • Featured artists: More than 25 artists including Pete Townshend, Jean-Michel Jarre, Richard Devine, Andrew Huang and many others 
  • Featured KORG / ARP members: Fumio Mieda, Tatsuya Takahashi, Dina Pearlman, David Friend, and many others



  • Dimensions 
  • 12.9 x 7.8x 3.9 cm ( 5.08  x 3.07  x  1.53  inches) 

  • Weight 
  • 130g (not including batteries) (4.6 oz) 


  • Power 
  • USB type-C (2.0, 500mA max) or 2x AAA batteries (approx 2 hours running time)

  • Inputs 
  • Input : 3.5mm Stereo x2, ±10V max 
  • Through Output : 3.5mm Stereo x2 
  • Output : 3.5mm Mono x2, ±5V max 

  • Oscilloscope 
  • Display modes : Single, Stereo (Input1L-INPUT1R, Input1L – Input2L, Input2L – Input2R), 4ch、XY(Lissajous, 2ch) 
  • Vertical : 10mV~5V/div, AC/DC MODE switchable 
  • Horizontal : 50us~1s/div 
  • Trigger : Auto, Rise, Fall, Single(rise), Single(fall) 

  • FFT (Spectrum Analyzer) 
  • Input : mono (1L, 1R, 2L, 2R) 
  • frequency 20Hz~20kHz 

  • Function Generator  
  • Wave type : sine, square, triangle, saw, noise, pulse, envelope 
  • Frequency : 1Hz~10kHz, Hz/NOTE mode switchable, [1ms~10s,sec/BPM switchable(pulse, envelope mode)] 
  • Output level : 10Vpp max, V/dB mode switchable 

  • Tuner  
  • Display mode : Needle, Meter 
  • Input : Mono, Stereo (Input1L-Input1R, Input1L-Input2L) 
  • Calibration : 410-480Hz 

The NTS-2 Oscilloscope Kit is expected to arrive in Australia in June/July, and you can expect to pay $349 

 Visit KORG’s website for full details.