New Tascam CD-RW900SX CD Recorder/Player

New Tascam CD-RW900SX CD Recorder/Player

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CD Recorder That Meets the Demands of Professionals

TASCAM introduces the CD-RW900SX CD Recorder/Player, the newest model in its long line of CD recorders/players. The CD-RW900SX has a brand-new, premium slot-loading CD drive, and is perfect for a variety of uses, including studio use, broadcast applications, and commercial playback in eateries, clubs, and other public places.

The CD-RW900SX is for professional CD recording and playback applications. As a CD recorder, this includes final mastering, dubbing from any external source, archiving audio and more. As a CD player, applications include music and dialog playback for industrial facilities, retail and business applications, house of worship, retail environments and more. The CD drive is built to withstand constant use and is high in durability and reliability. Other features include rich playback functions that enable the device to be used as professional-level CD player.

Selectable Track Division Functions

Automatic Track Division


DD(digital direct)
Detects a track boundary and divides the track when recording digitally from MC or CD.

Time (Time track increment)
Time-based track creation can be set every 1-10 minutes. This method is preferred in some applications like conference recording, or when there is no gap between segments such as recording music.

A track marker can be created based on the input level, adding a new track when the input falls below a specified level (from -24 to -72dB).

Manual Track Division
A new track can be written manually by pressing the RECORD key while the unit is in record mode.

Key Features

Recording features

Independent input level controls provides versatile level control

Automatic track division (level, time or manual)

Gapless continuous recording

Sync recording function

Playback features

Auto cue, Auto ready

VSA/Pitch/Key control playback

Power on play

Supported media: CD-R, CD-R-DA, CD-RW, CD-RW-DA

RCA analog unbalanced inputs/outputs

COAXIAL and OPTICAL digital input/output (IEC60958-3:S/P DIF)

Other Features

Rec-mute function: Recording four seconds of silence on the disc

Fade-in/Fade-out recording function (1 to 30 seconds, 1 second increments)

Selectable maximum recording track numbers

SRC (sampling rate converter) on coaxial and optical digital inputs

Time display switching (elapsed track/disc time, remaining track/disc time)

Four playback modes (continuous, single, program, random)

MP3 file playback (data-CD)

Erase function: Erase selected track or disc (for CD-RW)

Un-finalize function (for CD-RW): Erase TOC information of finalized CD-RW

CD-text editing support

Shockproof memory (4 seconds)

Disc force ejection (emergency) hole in slot so that a pin or paperclip can easily eject the disc.

6.3mm (1/4″) Headphone output (20mW/Ch)

PS/2 keyboard (sold separately) connection for remote control or entering a title

3-pole AC socket with a detachable AC cable

Wireless remote control unit (RC-RW900) included

2U EIA rack-mountable

Independent input trim controls for Left and Right and Digital Input Trim

Both the left and right analog inputs have their own analog input gain controls. In addition, the digital input can be controlled for optimal recording levels from a digital source.

The CD-RW900SX is due in Australia in October, 22