Optocore Upgrades MCG With Madi Expansion And Intelligent Patchbay

If you are fortunate enough to attend a game at the MCG this year to support your favourite football team, you will notice that the audio quality has considerably improved since the last time games were played in 2019. The reason being is that the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) recently committed more than AUD$50m to a substantial upgrade to its 100,000-seat stadium which included an AUD$25m contract for a new site-wide PA, transport and connectivity, masterminded by two eminent technology companies. Australian sound & AV consultants Auditoria conceived the system, and Diversified (who in 2019 acquired Rutledge AV in Australia) undertook the complex integration at the famous MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).

Fibre network specialists, Optocore, were vital to the implementation and to give you an idea of scale, more than 3,000 speakers now populate the seating bowl, function rooms and VIP suites, atria, internal concourse areas and exit gates.

The existing PA system, installed 14 years earlier, no longer met audience expectations, hence informal conversations with Auditoria concerning a refit began. They were duly awarded the audio upgrade consultancy, whereupon Auditoria and the MCC released a tender for the integration of the new design and Diversified provided the winning bid. Following a year-long project, the installation was completed in time in late 2019.

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