Revolutionising Sound: Technical Support of CMI Music and Audio

“In the intricate world of professional audio systems, the harmony between diverse technologies is not serendipitous—it's crafted.” (Anon.)

Over the last 35 years, CMI Music and Audio has stood at the forefront of audio excellence with technical support, training and design services. Representing an array of prestigious brands and employing groundbreaking technologies, CMI is not just participating in the audio industry; it is actively reshaping its future. This deep dive explores the advanced support offerings from CMI, from system design to deployment and cutting-edge technical resources, all underpinned by a robust training framework.

Electro-Acoustic Modelling and Simulation

The realm of electro-acoustic modelling and simulation is where the foundation and dedication to delivering world class audio solutions truly come to light. Through the proficient use of manufacturer-specific software, our experienced technical team creates audio solutions that are as innovative as they are beneficial.

JBL's Venue Synthesis 3D Acoustic Simulation Software

With such a diverse range of technology leading brands, our experienced audio engineers have an impressive array of tools at their disposal to create individually tailored solutions to suit every challenge thrown at them. Tools like, JBL's suite of simulation software, including LAC3 and Venue Synthesis, Adamson's Array Intelligence and now, with the incorporation of EASE 5, collectively provide a foundation for our bespoke acoustic solutions. These tools enable precise acoustic predictions and simulations of loudspeaker performance across the conditions our clients present to us, ensuring each solution is tailored to the individual and unique acoustics of its intended environment.

Adamson's Array Intelligence 3D Simulation and Control Software

With our commitment and further investment into of EASE 5, the technical team’s toolkit represents a significant leap forward from EASE 4.4, through modelling efficiencies, simulation accuracy and user experience. This software enhances the ability to model, evaluate, and optimize sound systems in virtual environments, offering unparalleled insights into the spaces acoustic behaviours and interactions. With EASE 5, we can more positively predict the performance of their solutions installations will perform as expected in situ, as well as in a virtual world, ensuring each solution is confidently chosen for its specific circumstances. 

EASE 5 Acoustic SPL prediction plots

System Solution and Configuration

The complexity of system selection and configuration is an intricate task that our engineers thrive on. The daily challenges of seamless integration, performance across devices, protocols, locations and systems, represents our passion and commitment for delivering technical excellence and innovation to industry we love, with the goal of giving our clients all the tools they need to deliver a world class outcome they can be proud of.

The teams experience and expertise encompasses a broad range of audio technologies, not only in electro acoustics, but also elaborate fibre networks with Netgear and Optocore, to vast POE beam steering projects with Pan Acoustics, to the precise sound of AKG, to crafting mixes on Soundcraft, delivering complex broadcast Dante networks with Tascam, down to DSP and amplification with Crown & DBX.

Comprehensive Training and Certification

In the fast-evolving world of audio technology, CMI's commitment to education and professional development is a testament to its leadership and vision. Through a blend of online and in-person training, our goal is to empower audio professionals to achieve and support them to further their career and knowledge base to reach their highest potential.

CMI Music and Audio delivering Training on JBL's SRX900 series

Our online learning portal and in-person training sessions empower the end user with the theoretical knowledge and practical real-world skills to get the most out of their equipment. From foundational audio principles to advanced technological applications, we deliver world class training programs to elevate the industry standard, one professional at a time. Working with our brand partners we are dedicated to supporting our clients, no matter of the size of the investment to ensure everyone has the best experience and has an understanding of their products. 

Pioneering XR Simulation Technology

Our brand partners are known for innovative and bringing to market new cutting-edge technologies, and CMI is the face of these brands in Australia, so why does the innovation have to stop with the distributor? The technical engineering team was challenged with how we take our client experiences to new heights, more engaging, improve communications across different generations of business owners, getting clients and users to understand at all levels of technical knowledge, these challenges and questions and more have become goals and motivations to excel drive our support and dedication to the industry. We conceptualised a crazy vision, and through hard work, hours of coding the team have very excitedly stepped into XR simulation technology. This marks a paradigm shift in audio system design and client interaction. By employing wearable haptic feedback vests, binaural headphones, and VR Headset we can now offer an interactive preview of your audio solution. The ability to step into your project in extended reality giving our clients the opportunity to visualise and listen to the proposed solution.

CMI: XR simulation of The Corner Hotel (Vic) with their newly installed Adamson E series.

The Corner Hotel in Melbourne was the first project to use our XR technology. The client had the ability to wander around the virtual space and listen to what the proposed solution was expected to sound like. The ability to overlay interactive SPL heatmaps and high order auralisations, as well as provide and experience live alternative loudspeaker solutions gave the client a new understanding of what was needed to achieve a world class audio system, ensuring all their performers and guest had the best experience possible and wanting to return. This technology not only captivates but also educate clients, offering them a vivid glimpse into the future of their audio experiences.

Commissioning and Fine-Tuning

The final step in the process is perhaps its most critical: commissioning and fine-tuning. This phase ensures the audio solutions we design, not only meet but exceed the highest standards of performance and client satisfaction.

AMFG SysTune.

Through onsite visits and meticulous adjustments, CMI's technical engineering team fine-tune each system with precision and intent. Tuning and aligning sound systems with measurement tools such as AFMG SysTune facilitates precise adjustments to the sound system to achieve optimal sound quality, STI, and other benchmarks in various environments, from small rooms to large venues. By measuring and analyzing audio signals in real time, SysTune allows for accurate feedback on how the system performs in the space, identifying issues like frequency response imbalances or time alignment discrepancies. This facilitates informed adjustments to crossover points, equalization, and delay settings, ensuring a cohesive and balanced sound.

CMI Music and Audio is not just a distribution company; it is a driving force in the audio industry, continually setting new standards of excellence. Through its advanced technical services, pioneering technologies, and comprehensive training programs, we not only meeting the demands of today's audio landscape but also help shaping the sounds of tomorrow.

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By Travis Taylor 
National Technical Sales & Systems Design

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