The Arturia AudioFuse X8 ADAT expanders offer 8 line-level inputs/outputs directly manageable from the front panel.
For producers and engineers looking to extend the line-level connectivity of their existing audio interfaces: 


_High-quality line in/outputs
_Plug and play with any ADAT interface
_Large sample rate choice (from 44.1 to 96)
_Word clock
_Mountable in a 1U 19” rack unit.
_Comes with AudioFuse Creative Suite

_AudioFuse X8 IN


_8 line-level analog inputs

_Sample rate selector
(44.1, 48, 88.2, 96)
Select your sample rate for perfect analog-to-digital conversion

Apply pad to each audio channel

_VU Meter
Visual feedback for editing channels and monitoring your sound in real-time

_Link option
Link adjacent channels and adjust both of them instantly

_Clock and Sync modes
Word Clock Input with termination switch to synchronize all the devices connected

_AudioFuse X8 OUT


_8 line-level DC-coupled analog outputs

_Dual ADAT in connectivity
Allowing the use of 8 channels at a higher sample rate

_Word Clock input
Sync your AudioFuse x8 with your digital devices for sample-aligned digital-to-analog conversion

_Clock selection
Select your clock source for perfect digital-to-analog conversion

_SMUX Mode
Adjust your sample rate to more than 48khz ADAT SMUX up to 96kh for ultimate connection flexibility

_5 Cool Things to have fun with

_[On AudioFuse X8 IN] For a practical set-up
Connect 8 extra mono synths to your audio interface and have all your gear connected at once and ready to record

_[On AudioFuse X8 IN] Perfect synchronisation
Keep all your gear synchronised at all times by using AudioFuse X8 as a master

_[On AudioFuse X8 IN] Scale up your monitoring
Connect additional speakers for multiple monitoring types

_[On AudioFuse x8 OUT] Enhance studio scalability
Ensure your studio can manage intricate audio workflows and send your sound through outboard effects.

_[On AudioFuse x8 OUT] Have flexible control of your hardware
Control any synth via DC-coupled output

Available In Stores Mid July!


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