_Multidimensional Analog Expressivity

Continuing the legacy of its predecessor as one of the most powerful and expressive analog synths ever made, the PolyBrute 12 goes a step further, redefining musical expressiveness with an expanded 12-voice architecture and groundbreaking Full Touch® MPE technology polyphonic keyboard. This synth isn't just an instrument; it's a conduit to unprecedented soundscapes.

Polybrute 12 takes in-the-moment sonic expression to a whole new level with a Full Touch® keyboard that tracks the position, pressure, and touch of each key and allows for exceptional precision and seamless polyphonic aftertouch across the entire key movement range.

From subtle nuances to powerful dynamics and momentum-sensitive envelope control, this keybed offers three distinct aftertouch modes which bring the musician into a direct and tactile connection with their sound. This, plus the iconic Morphée pad and ribbon control, means that each preset can be played in a truly multidimensional way - elevating expressivity for results which are simply breathtaking.
PolyBrute 12 is here, offering a colossal, rich, luminous and infinitely mutable sound that will define a new era of expressive analog synthesis.

NEXT-LEVEL EXPRESSIVENESS - PolyBrute’s Full Touch® MPE polyphonic keyboard brings unparalleled sensitivity and control, allowing each note to be modulated independently for incredibly dynamic composition. This plus the 3 dimensional Morphée pad, wooden ribbon controller and motion recorder, makes truly multidimensional modulation possible.

LIMITLESS SOUND DESIGN - The 12-voice architecture of PolyBrute 12 combined with its analog oscillators, filters, advanced matrix and integrated FX allow for an infinite spectrum of sonic color to be explored. Choose between 768 dynamic presets or advanced end to end sound design and discover PolyBrute’s seismic sound.

TACTILE WORKFLOW - PolyBrute 12 continues the tradition of hands-on, immediate control, offering a tactile and engaging sound design experience without the need for menu diving or shift functions. If you wish to tweak PolyBrute from your computer, you can do this too via the VST editor.

BUILD QUALITY - Crafted with the finest materials, including black walnut wood, a next-generation keybed and striking aluminum exterior - PolyBrute 12 is designed to meet the demands of professional musicians.

SEAMLESS DAW INTEGRATION - PolyBrute Connect provides a coherent bridge between PolyBrute and your virtual studio projects. Craft sound directly into your DAW with a like-for-like plugin. Manage your patches and easily import new presets and sound banks. Control PolyBrute in real-time with every
parameter change mirrored between synth and software.

_Main features

  • 12-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer
  • 61-note velocity-sensitive, FullTouch MPE Technology keyboard
  • Two analog oscillators
    • Sawtooth, Triangle + Metalizer, Square + Pulse Width,
      • Sub Osc.
        • FM and Sync
  • Noise generator with continuous noise color
  • Oscillator and Noise Mixer with Filter Routing
  • 12dB Multimode Steiner-Parker filter
    • Continuous LP > HP > BP morphing & Brute Factor
  • 24dB Low Pass Ladder filter with filter Drive
  • Filter FM with Oscillator or Noise FM modulation
  • Three Envelope Generators
    • ADSR’s with looping capability
  • Three LFOs
    • Two multi-waveform LFOs with Phase, Fade-In and Sync options
      • LFO3 has a variable waveform and advanced retrig capabilities
  • Motion recorder
  • Record movement on knobs, sliders, ribbon, Morphée. Movement played back in one shot or loop mode
  • Three Digital Effect slots
    • Modulation, Reverb and Delay effects
      • New Multi-Mode distortion
        • Multiple FX preset for each slot
          • Send, Insert or True Bypass modes
  • 12x32 Modulation Matrix
    • Up to 32 destinations & 64 connections
  • 64 step Polyphonic sequencer
    • Key, Accent, Slide & 3 tracks of parameter mod
  • OLED display & Preset browsing
    • 768 Preset slots & 480 Factory Presets
  • Ribbon controller
  • Morphée XYZ controller
    • Morphing control, Sequencer randomisation or Matrix modes
  • Stereo master outputs
  • Sync in and out
  • Pedal inputs
    • One sustain + two expression pedals
  • MIDI and USB interfacing
  • PolyBrute Companion Software
    • V i s u a l i z e a n d e d i t P r e s e t s including Morphing.
    • Preset librarian
    • Plugin version for DAW integration

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