The KORG Sequenz CC-KSP is a semi-hard case that has been designed to protect your favourite groove gear such as the KAOSS Pad, KAOSS Replay, samplers and more. Not just the all-important XY pad, but also the knobs and pads are protected, so you can securely carry your gear everywhere. Not only is it extremely durable,  the Sequenz CC-KSP carry case can be used with various types of popular groove gear and samplers from several manufacturers.

The case material is EVA, which is lightweight, resilient, and durable. Two cushion parts are included to cushion external shocks, and their flexible shape allows them to be velcroed to fit anywhere on the inside of the case.
Get the CC-KSP for safe, easy transport so you can take your favourite groove gear with you.

Compatible products include:

KAOSS Replay, KAOSS PAD KP3, KAOSSILATOR PRO, YAMAHA Finger Drum Pad FGDP-50, Roland Sampler SP-404 Mk2


Size: 245 (W) X 320 (D) X 77 (H) mm *Internal dimensions: 226 (W) X 281 (D) X 59-72* (H) mm *Rise height is 72 mm internal dimension

Weight: 510 g

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