We are pleased to announce the arrival of the New Aguilar SL-1108BK Speaker Cabinet, the AG Preamp DI Pedal, Instrument cables and Speaker cables. All are in stock at your Aguilar Australia Dealer Now!

At only 10.4 kg the SL 110 is the most compact cabinet in Aguilar’s lineup. Characterized by it’s focused lowend, balanced midrange, and smooth top-end, the SL 110 delivers modern performance in a classic looking package. Engineered for the bass player on the go, this cabinet boasts a hybrid design that blends the lightweight construction of our SL cabinets with our custom ceramic 10” driver for a sound that goes beyond its size. Its compact format and easy portability make it the ideal choice for rehearsals, small gigs, and practice
sessions. Whether you're playing in the city or on the road, this cabinet is built to perform.


  • Bassist who needs a pro quality, portable speaker cabinet for low-medium volume situations.
  • Upright and electric bassists alike.


  • Super compact 10.4 kg speaker cabinet, ideal for practice, rehearsals, recording, or small gigs.
  • Hybrid design that combines our super lightweight SL box with our custom ceramic driver for a tone that’s focused in the low-end, with balanced midrange and a smooth top-end.


  • 8-ohm, 175 watts RMS, Frequency Response 41 Hz – 5 kHz.
  • 23 lbs., Dims: 13.5ʺ H, 13.5ʺ W, 17.25ʺ D.

The AG Preamp pedal inherits the renowned AG amplifier’s tight, fast response and extensive tonal flexibility, making it an essential component for discerning bassists. With its powerful 4- band EQ, the AG Preamp lets you sculpt your tone with finesse, adapting to any musical genre or playing style. From warm and punchy to bright and articulate, the pedal delivers unrivaled control and responsiveness. Foot-switchable broadband “deep” and “bright” controls further enhance your sound, providing added depth and presence for a rich and natural sonic impact.

Operating at 18 volts, the AG Preamp pedal ensures generous headroom and pristine signal integrity. You can confidently push your sound to the limits without sacrificing clarity or encountering unwanted distortion. The pedal maintains a clean, transparent tone that stays true to the player’s style. The AG Preamp pedal also offers essential connectivity options. It features a built-in headphone output and auxiliary input, enabling silent practicing and jamming along with favorite tracks, as well as a DI output with pre/post and ground lift controls, making it an ideal solution for live performances and studio or at-home recording sessions.


  • Bassist who is looking for a clean and transparent voiced preamp
  • Customers with an AG 700 amplifier looking for a preamp solution for fly dates
  • Bassists searching for an expanded EQ set for live and studio needs


  • The iconic AG preamp in a pedal format
  • Sweepable Broadband “Deep” and “Bright” controls via foot switch
  • Studio quality DI with pre/post and ground lift
  • Headphone input and aux-in allows pedal to double as a headphone amp for silent practice

Controls and connectivity

Gain - Controls input sensitivity level.
Treble - +/- 14 dB @ 4 kHz
Bass - +/- 17 dB @ 40 Hz
High Mid - +/- 14dB @ 800 Hz Low Mid - +/- 15 dB @ 300 Hz
Master - Controls output level
Engage - toggles between on/bypass (blue LED indicates on)
Bright/Deep - toggles through broadband “Deep”, “Bright”, or “Deep + Bright” (blue LED indicates on)
Headphone Volume - Controls volume of headphone mix

Aguilar instrument & speaker cables are engineered to give bassists a high performance, sonically neutral, and robust cable. Designed by and for bassists, they combine excellent sonics, premium build quality, and custom plugs and Neutrik jacks for great reliability.


  • Premium cables and custom plugs designed by and for bassists.
  • Heavy-duty instrument cable and shielding for easy wrapping that holds it’s shape.
  • Uncompromised signal path from bass to amp to deliver their tone accurately.
  • High quality shielded braiding for best electrical insulation
  • Great durability and Neutrik speaker plugs.

Available Models
• 10ft straight to straight
• 10ft straight to right
• 20ft straight to straight
• 3ft speaker cable
• 6ft speaker cable

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