We are proud to introduce the groundbreaking X900 amp. Designed after the revered X series pedals, this amplifier sets a new standard for accuracy and control.

Packed with a Class D 900-watt amplifier and an ultra-quiet 6-band graphic equalizer that can sculpt the tone from aggressive and overdriven to crystal clear clean to suit everyone’s needs.

The X distortion circuit allows users to select exactly what frequencies they want to compress and saturate for the low and treble, respectively.

Featuring MIDI for channel switching, and muting programmability, impulse response cabinet simulation, with up to three different storable virtual cabinets, auxiliary input, and headphone output, offering unmatched versatility and control. A true companion on musical touring.


Passive/Active: Use this push-button switch to change from 
passive to active mode. 
X: Use this push-button to turn on or off the Microtubes X Engine. 
Clean Comp: Use this push-button switch to activate the 
compressor circuit for the clean channel.
Vol (Clean Comp): Sets the level of the clean channel when the 
compressor is engaged. 
HPF (High Pass Filter): Controls the cutoff frequency of the high 
pass filter which is applied before the clean signal is fed to the 
distortion circuit to be distorted. 
Drive: Sets the amount of distortion for the high pass side.
Mix: Controls the blend between the compressed lows and the 
distorted highs. 
LPF (Low Pass Filter): Controls the cut-off frequency of the low 
pass filter which is applied before the clean signal is fed to the 
compression circuit to be mixed back to the high-pass side. 
Comp: Controls the amount of compression for the low band 
when X is activated. 
Level: Sets the output volume of the X channel.
Low shelf: +-12 dB @ 80 Hz.
250 Hz / 500 Hz / 1,5 kHz / 3 kHz: +-12dB.
High shelf: +-12 dB @ 35 kHz. 
Master: Sets the overall volume of the unit. 
Mute: Use this push-button to mute the amplifier.

Technical Specifications

Input Impedance: 1.1 MΩ
Minimum Load Impedance: 2.5 Ω
Maximum Power Output: 900 W RMS @ 4 Ω (1 kHz full blast, 2 
min. max) 20% THD, 450 W RMS v@ 8 Ω
Power Amp Input (Return) Impedance: 100 kΩ
Power Amp Input (Return) Level: 2 Vrms (max before 1% THD)
Pre-Amp Output (Send) Impedance: 1 kΩ
Pre-Amp Output (Send) Level (max): 2.2 Vrms (max before 1% 
Maximum Power Consumption: approx. 700 VA
Cooling: Forced-air cooled
AC Input Power: 100-250 VAC
AC Frequency: 50/60 Hz

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