New Blackstar AMPED 1 Compact 100 Watt Amp Pedal

Complete 100W amp at your feet. Grab and Go. The new Blackstar AMPED 1 is the complete 100W amp at your feet. It is the ultimate take-anywhere amplifier pedal with an all-in-one solution for professional gigging, practising and recording.

AMPED 1 Design Philosophy

Blackstar had two main goals in designing the AMPED 1.
First, to produce a 100W, no compromise, pedal platform floorboard rig capable of delivering the tone and feel of traditional valve amps. Countless hours went into the development of the sonics culminating
in a complete, from the ground up, redesign of their digital signal processing. The voices and responses contained within AMPED 1 are both the most authentic replications of their analogue counterparts and the most refined that Blackstar have ever crafted in a digital product.

Secondly, to offer the ultimate companion for any amp modeller or profiler. With an AMPED 1, any line-level guitar amp signal can be imbued with 100W of power, providing the flexibility to go straight into a standard guitar cab, to the front of house or directly into a DAW. The structure of the AMPED 1 caters for as much or as little tone shaping as desired, using the Flat voice with the standard power valve responses or in combination with the Linear response for totally transparent power amplification. AMPED 1 provides the opportunity to experience any modeller, profiler, preamp pedal at its absolute best.


100 Watt amp pedal

Power reduction to 1W and 20W

Response control using patented TVP technology:KT88, 6L6, EL34, 6V6, EL84, Linear

USA, UK and Flat preamp voices (Flat for use with modellers)

Bass, Middle, Treble

Reverb (footswitchable)

Preset footswitch toggles between favourite and current settings

Cab Rig with 3 user programmable presets

Cab Rig outs: jack, USB and Balanced XLR.

Effects loop (series or parallel via Architect)

MIDI In: all controls switchable via MIDI

2x 9V DC outputs to power pedals

Full power from either the 8 or 16 Ohm speaker outs

Mains powered, universal voltage

Architect software for deep editing

Aluminium housing and illuminated logo

Compact and lightweight: 142×285 mm (5.5×8″)1.1 kg

Available Now In Stores!

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