The Best-Sounding, Most-Popular Entry Level Amps in the World Have Been Updated

Blackstar's ID:CORE 10, 20 and 40 are market leaders in the entry level guitar amp market. Perfect for those just starting out or for those more experienced players looking for a high quality practise and home studio recording amp.

ID:CORE V4 features amazing tone, immersive Super Wide Stereo sound, CabRig™ Lite, Blackstar’s patented ISF tone control and USB-C connectivity, plus for the first time, power reduction down to 1W allowing you to play at lower volumes without sacrificing tonal quality.

Easy high quality livestreaming connectivity and linear speakers for movie, gaming and music audio playback make entry level amps perfectly suited to the way people play at home.

ID:CORE V4 is compatible with Blackstar’s free Architect Software, its interface for controlling and customising advanced features, including our state-of-the-art CabRig™ Lite software. CabRig™ Lite is our next-generation DSP speaker simulator that reproduces the sound and feel of a mic’d up guitar cab in incredible detail.

Key Features

​ Power Reduction down to 1W meaning you can play at lower volumes without sacrificing tonal quality.
 Studio quality effects create beautiful sonic textures in immersive Super Wide Stereo.
 Live streaming made easy using a TRRS 3.5mm cable for easy input/output live streaming to a
compatible device (i.e. iPhone, Android phone).
 CabRig™ Lite next generation Emulated Output, with user controls for elements such as cabinet and mic
placement, plus more (similar functionality to our own high-end products such as St. James).
 Architect software for deep editing and patch sharing.
 Patented ISF control allows you to infinitely adjust the response of the tone control network.
 4-channel USB-C audio makes low-latency recording and professional re-amping simple, turning your amp
into an audio interface.
 ID:CORE V4 40 louder than ever thanks to advancements made in both the hardware and software voicing.
 Stunning looks with a new brushed effect panel for a premium feel.
for easily listening and playing along to your favourite tracks.
 PB-1 Power Bank compatibility so you can use your ID:CORE V4 anywhere, perfect for busking or
jamming on the go.
 Vibrant New Packaging Design for eye catching instore display and 100% recyclable.

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