Launched in 2018, Noisegate is a CMI-launched media platform designed to communicate to end users. Noisegate is a standalone division with dedicated employees engaged in building and nurturing the platform towards becoming Australia’s leading source of music/audio gear news, demos, tutorials and more.

As well as being engaged with the community via web and social media presences, the Noisegate team reported direct from the show floor at NAMM 2020 in California, co-hosted workshop events with Ableton at BIGSOUND 2019, sponsored the 2020 Queensland Music Awards and much more. 

Bespoke Public Event Workshops

Noisegate often take part in festivals, exhibitions and workshops open to the public, such as Melbourne Guitar Show, Synth Fest, BIGSOUND and more. 

BIGSOUND is Australia’s premier music industry conference/festival, aimed at driving development amongst artists, agencies and related professions. In 2017, CMI was invited to be the audio and music equipment partner and expanded on the partnership in 2018 and 2019, by sending the Noisegate team to run public workshops that put CMI/Noisegate staff directly in front of end-users of all levels, from beginner to seasoned artists..

If you would like chat to our team regarding a bespoke event, please get in contact with our team.