Pcm92 Stereo Reverb/effects Processor

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BARCODE: 887000000000


28 Lexicon® studio-standard reverbs, delays, and modulation effects

Comprehensive collection of over 1200 finely crafted factory presets, including recognizable classics from Lexicon’s immense library of sounds

Lexicon’s flexible Room algorithm used to generate a vast array of room-related effects for music and film production

Multi-voice pitch shift to enhance vocals

Product Information

This powerhouse processor utilizes the latest DSP technology and the finest collection of classic Lexicon algorithms to offer the ultimate audio processor for live sound and studio applications. The PCM92 delivers 28 mono and stereo reverbs, delays, and modulation effects, flexible routing configurations, and a comprehensive collection of over 1200 finely-crafted presets, including recognizable classics from our immense library of sounds.

Tech Specs

- ANALOG INPUTS Connectors Two, Female XLR Impedance 20K Ohm, balanced

- A/D Conversion 24 bits

- ANALOG OUTPUT Connectors Two, Male XLR

- DIGITAL AUDIO IO Connectors One Male XLR Output One Female XLR Input Two FireWireTM Ports

- Format AES/EBU/FireWire (400Mb)

- Word Size 24 bits

- SAMPLE RATES Internal 44.1kHz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz Accuracy within ±50ppm


- 75 Ohm, BNC

- CLOCK JITTER Intrinsic Exceeds AES3 Amendment 1 Jitter Gain Exceeds AES3 Amendment 1