Pb48 48 Point Rackmount Patch Bay

  • DBX
  • Studio
  • Processing & Effects Units
  • Effects Units


BARCODE: 691991400445


48 1/4"" points on the front panel

48 1/4"" points on the rear pannel

Product Information

he PB-48 is a rugged, noise-free, versatile patchbay designed to serve all your patchbay needs, from providing clear and easy access to your mixer and other studio gear, to reducing the wear and tear on their jacks, to facilitating quick and precise rerouting of devices within your studio setup.

Tech Specs

- Patch Points: 48 (2 rows of 24) Jacks: 1/4” phone, balanced or unbalanced, nickel-silver, self-cleaning contacts Normalling: Half-normalled or de-normalled (user configurable)