580 Mic Preamp

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SKU: DBX-580

BARCODE: 691991000621


Premium low-noise Mic Pre with up to 60dB of gain

Variable-Frequency Low-Cut Filter

Low and High Detail Equalization

20dB Pad

Product Information

The dbx 580 Microphone Preamp is the perfect partner to your microphones, providing sonically-transparent gain that will reveal the detail and audio signature of even the most esoteric microphones. It will transform their low level output signal to a high level, high current output for direct connection to the line level inputs of your mixer, sampler or any other recording medium that accepts line level, analog input.

Tech Specs

- Input Type Electronically balanced/unbalanced, RF filtered

- Input Impedance 1.7k ohm

- Instrument Input Connector Tip-Sleeve ¼” Jack

- Instrument Input Type Unbalanced

- Instrument Input Impedance 500 kilo-ohm

- Output Type Electronically balanced/unbalanced, RF filtered

- EIN Typically > -128.0 dBu, 150 ? source impedance, 22 kHz bandwidth, unweigh

- Power Requirements +/- 16V DC

- Rack System Compatibility 500 Series Compatible Power-frame

- Rack Space 1 Slo