Gb8 32ch 32+4/8/2 Mixer

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32 Channel inputs

Output matrix with eleven feeds to four outputs

High-performance GB30 Mic Pre

GB30 Equaliser designs

Product Information

Augmenting the already highly successful GB4 console range is the new GB8 8-bus console. The GB4 has found many friends including the Cavern Club in Liverpool, and in use at the Bedford venue in South London. Available in frame sizes from 24 to 48 channels, each with four full-function stereo channels and four stereo returns, the GB8 is designed for installations such as churches and performance venues, or for small touring sound systems. The dual-mode topology implemented to such success on the MH3 and MH4 desks allows the GB8 to be used on FOH or monitor duties, with fader control of group or aux outputs. Additional features over the GB4 include a 1kHz oscillator and a meter bridge with three led meters that very closely emulate the ballistics of VU meters.

Tech Specs

- Dual purpose console.

- Individually switched 48V phantom power on every mono input module.

- 4 STE channels per frame size.

- 8 Aux sends (all switchable between pre/post fader operation).

- 8 Group sends (paired).

- 4 Stereo returns.

- 4 Mute Groups.

- 11x4 Output Matrix.

- Limiter on Record Output and Alternative Stereo Output.

- GB30 mic pre-amp.

- 4-band GB30 EQ.

- Meter Bridge with accurate VU meters for LEFT, RIGHT and CENTRE Outputs.

- Integral power supply, with an external power supply link option.

- All metal TRS jacks and Neutrik XLRs.

- Direct outputs on all mono input channels.