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BARCODE: 3760033531465


Flexible, adaptable 18-in, 20-out audio interface

4 world-class preamps, incredible connectivity, a versatile feature set

Unique extras such as bluetooth streaming and USB hub

Includes AudioFuse Creative Suite software bundle

Product Information

Today, you’re tracking a string quartet for an independent film. Tomorrow you’re running a vocal session for your band, and in the evening you’re gigging. At the weekend, you’re mastering your client’s new album, and somewhere in the middle of all that you’re going to find time to sketch out ideas for your new side project. Sounds like you need a recording interface that will keep up with your creativity; an interface that can handle every scenario; an interface that won’t let you down. Professional and flexible, the AudioFuserange can work with any system, whether on PC, Mac, or Linux. When you need to record on-location and capture those moments of inspiration, connect to iOS and Android. No matter your device, AudioFuse brings your musical world together and keeps everything simple.

Tech Specs

- 18 in 20 out audio interface

- 4 premium DiscretePRO mic preamps

- Bluetooth audio receiver

- Premium 24 bit 192khz converters

- 3 port USB hub

- USB Type C connector

- Includes AudioFuse creative suite software bundle Shipping dimensions: 21 x 32.5 x 16 cm