The King is Back! Ultra-realistic Virtual Analogue sounds Performance power, larger-than-life sounds.

KingKORG, the acclaimed and powerful Virtual Analog synth, is back in a compact 37 Full-size key model with fresh, new sounds, great vocoder, and a refreshed new look.

Introducing the KingKORG NEO, a virtual analogue synth that stands in a league of its own. Designed for today's musician, this compact powerhouse combines a classic analogue-like synth layout with swift, intuitive editing, offering an unmatched level of depth and flexibility. With its XMT sound engine, 37 full-size keys, dynamic vocoder, and a suite of user-friendly features, the KingKORG NEO is more than just a synthesizer; it's a comprehensive tool for artists who aspire to explore new realms of sound and push the boundaries of musical creativity.

Powerful sound engine boasts flexibility

KingKORG NEO features our XMT virtual analog sound engine. XMT stands for eXpanded Modelling Technology and was created to offer an expansive array of sounds while ensuring simplicity in operation.

Crafting character with iconic modelled filters

In the heart of the KingKORG NEO lies its meticulously designed filter section, a cornerstone in defining the synthesizer's unique sonic character. We’ve infused KingKORG NEO with a diverse range of filters, each adding a distinct flavor to your sound creations, an aspect where analog modeling truly shines.

Vocoder wizardry

KingKORG NEO synth comes equipped with a balanced XLR input on its front panel, and includes a rugged, high-quality microphone. This setup invites you to dive into the world of vocoding instantly.

Masterful effects

The KingKORG NEO elevates your sound with three master effect slots, each offering six distinct effect types.

Virtual patch function

Embrace the spirit of classic synthesizers like the MS-20 with the KingKORG NEO’s innovative Virtual Patch system. This intuitive feature brings the flexibility of physically patching synthesizers into the digital age. With six Virtual Patch assignments available for each timbre, you can virtually connect control signals like EG, LFO, or joystick movements to key sound parameters, including pitch and cutoff. This seamless integration allows for intricate modulation and a deeper exploration into sound-shaping, giving your music a new dimension of sonic creativity.

Effortless control.

The KingKORG NEO is designed with an original panel layout that combines the classic feel of analog synthesizers with the best of today's technology. Its layout is thoughtfully organized into blocks, streamlining your workflow by putting the right controls at your fingertips as you edit.

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  • Equipped with 6 virtual patch systems allowing you to create more complex soundsand tone changes.
  • Microphone included for an easy to use and ready to play Vocoder
  • Modeled filters from 18 famous synthesizers such as MS-20, TB303, SEM, Minimoogand Prophet 5 filters
  • 143 new programs (out of 200) for a fresh and new range of classic and contemporary sounds
  • Height - 60.6 cm
  • Width - 48 cm
  • Depth - 14 cm
  • Weight - 4.37 kg
Vendor Item No. KINGKORG NEO | UPC/EAN. 4959112236035