Drumlogue was conceived to provide the ultimate analog sound for your beats, and delivers fantastically; featuring completely newly developed analog circuits by legendary Korg analog synth team engineer Junichi Ikeuchi (ARP 2600 M, MS-20 mini, ARP Odyssey...) , the depth and richness of its sound is on a whole new level.These new analog circuits -(Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Low Tom and High Tom) -will not just provide a solid foundation for your track, but make it stand out with an elevated harmonic richness and a thick low end.

Blending simplicity and ease of use, the most important controls for each of these parts have dedicated knobs on the front panel that can be tweaked at any time without any menu diving necessary, so you can quickly and intuitively fine tune your sound on the fly.For further sound exploration, each part provides many more parameters accessible through the powerful onboard sound editing system.Last but not least, each part on drumlogue -analog or digital -has a dedicated volume knob that will make your mixing process incredibly smooth and easy.

  • Threefold Hybrid Drum Machine Powerhouse
  • Raw Analog Power and Digital Flexibility
  • Multi-Engine and logue SDK
  • A paradigm shift in drum machines
  • https://www.korg.com/au/products/drums/drumlogue/
  • Height - 10.5 cm
  • Width - 25.2 cm
  • Depth - 43.8 cm
  • Weight - 2.04 kg
  • Vendor Item No. DRUMLOGUE | UPC/EAN. 4959112199873