Commercial Audio

Commercial Audio

Integrated Solutions That Work

CMI carries a large number of products designed for use in commercial environments, providing seamless functionality across networked devices and unsurpassed audio clarity. 

Network Enabled AV

Whether it’s network enabled media players, speakers, zone controllers, mixers, converters, microphones or media streamers; brands like Tascam, dbx and AKG have you covered.


CMI carries products for both audio and visual networking, making our team a one-stop-shop for your commercial AV equipment. Contact us for an obligation free consultation to discuss your needs today.

Visual Integration

Great sound is invisible. Fohhn are not only masters of audio clarity with their Beam-Steering technology, they also offer custom colours and textures, ensuring your audio solution does interfere with your space.

Fohhn will also custom build speaker enclosures from their German headquarters if an off-the-shelf solution is not viable. 

Electronically Directed Sound
Fohhn Beam Steering Technology enables the dispersion of their Focus range of loudspeakers to be adjusted via software, without needing to physically tilt them. This means they can be mounted on the wall in an unobtrusive upright position.

Tranport & Emergency Solutions

Transport environments provide unique acoustic challenges. CMI carries Harman’s AXYS Tunnel range, which is designed specifically to combat reverberant spaces and provide maximum intelligible speech reproduction.

VA (Voice Alarm) or PA/VA (Public Address/Voice Alarm) audio systems are now common place in large public spaces & transport facilities. A well designed and commissioned system can provide a highly effective means of communication with the public. The primary purpose of such systems is to communicate information when an emergency arises, thus clarity/intelligibility is of the utmost importance.

Please contact our team to discuss your requirements and options.

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