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How can KOMPLETE 13 compliment your courses?

EDUCATION DISCOUNT From industry-standard plugins to versatile instruments here are just a few examples of the vast library of instruments, FX and samples in KOMPLETE Ultimate…
With up to 92 instruments, 26 effects and 39 Expansions, KOMPLETE 13 has an extensive database to suit teaching modules such as


• KOMPLETE 13 – 5 x Seat License Box – $1099 inc GST

• KOMPLETE 13 – Additional Seats – $159 inc GST reach

• KOMPLETE 13 Ultimate – 5 x Seat License Box – $2199 inc GST

• KOMPLETE 13 Ultimate – Additional Seats – $299 inc GST each

From industry standard pugins to verstile instruments here are just a few examples of the vast library of instruments,

FX and samples in KOMPLETE Ultimate…

Score Composition

Action Strings

The epic, orchestral sound of
blockbuster movies, made simple via immaculately sampled and easily playable phrases

Symphony Essentials

Places the power of a full orchestra and top
soloists at your fingertips. With a range of
essential articulations, standardized intuitive
interface, and on-board effects they are
perfect for basic orchestral composition and
pop and electronic production

Stradivari Violin

The distinctive sound of a rare, one-of-a-kind
instrument from the world’s most renowned
violin maker

Studio Production

Solid Mix Series

Delivers instant, transparent results and boasts a clean new interface for dialing up professional sound with total ease. Included is the Solid EQ, Solid Bus Comp and Solid Dynamics.


Found in every studio, a smooth electro-optical compressor with a silky, natural sound. Great on vocals, bass, pads and guitars


Lush, larger-than-life hall reverb with impressive sound design possibilities. A classic reverb captured with stunning accuracy.

SFX and Soundtrack Design


THRILL is a performance instrument for playing spine-chilling atmospheres, clusters, and hybrid textures – in real time.

Rise & Hit

The ultimate suspense instrument for spine-chilling, cinematic build-ups with an exclusive
set of sampled sounds.

Kontakt 6

With 100’s of gigabytes of samples, Kontakt is the industry standard of sample libraries and third-party integration.

Analogue Synthesis

Super 8

An eight-voice, modern take on warm,
vintage polysynth sounds. Featuring an
easy-to-use interface that keeps you in
its sweet spot.


Monophonic synthesizer capturing every
sonic nuance of the king of analog
monosynths in spectacular detail – the holy
grail of analog modeling.


The ultimate creative toolkit for deep sound
exploration, featuring cutting-edge DSP and
high-fidelity sound. Includes REAKTOR 6

Contemporary Composition

Alicia’s Keys

The sound of Alicia Keys’ very own
studio piano – perfectly sampled from
her playing with many authentic details.

Guitar Rig 6

Revamped, redesigned, reimagined: GUITAR
RIG 6 returns with new tones, new amps,
new effects, and new ways to sculpt your

Session Horns Pro

10 instruments sampled in surgical detail,
intuitively playable, and arranged for realistic,
contemporary performance.

EDM Production

Battery 4

The 21st century drum sampler – the
worldwide studio choice for drum
sampling and creative beat production.

Retro Machines MK2

16 coveted analog synthesizers and
keyboards, lovingly sampled from the original
instruments for thick, creamy, analog sound.

Massive X

Next-generation, flagship wavetable
synthesizer. Rethought, rewired, and
reincarnated for the next decade of sound.

*Instruments listed are only available in the ‘Komplete Ultimate’ version – For other versions of Komplete please consult for more information.

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