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Software Solutions

CMI carries a number of software titles that are ideal for the classroom.

Brands like Ableton, Native Instruments, Arturia and Korg cater to the education sector with professional, industry standard products that will see students developing their skills and knowledge for a career in music and audio. 

Ableton Live is fast, fluid and flexible software for music creation and performance. 

Live and Push is everything students need to make any kind of music that inspires them. Using these tools, you can teach the fundamentals of music creation: rhythm, melody and harmony, song composition, sound design, creating with samples and more.

Students can also learn the fundamentals of digital composition in a more instrumental context with Push, Ableton’s hardware instrument designed for use with Ableton Live. 

Ableton Live is easy to roll out in a multi-client institutional environment. Compatible with license server technology by Sassafras, multiple instances of Live can be managed dynamically over a network. CMI can source special education pricing and site licensing for educational institutions, please get in touch to learn more. 

Beat Making, DJ, Software Instruments & MIDI Controllers

Native Instruments have a number of product lines suitable for the learning environment.

Maschine is a beat-making production suite, comprised of a software and hardware controller package, meaning students get a tactile, hands-on learning experience with all the power and familiarity of a software environment. 

Komplete is Native Instruments’ premium software instrument library, an industry standard among music producers and composers for the film and gaming industry. It comes in a variety of sizes, beginning with the free of charge Komplete Start. Native Instruments’ lines of keyboard MIDI controllers, called the Komplete Kontrol series, integrate natively with Komplete.

Traktor is Native Instruments’ DJ product line, much like Maschine, it consists of software/hardware packages, with hardware DJ controllers designed specifically to control Native Instruments’ Traktor software. 

Audio Interfaces & Software Platform

Universal Audio have carved a unique place in the market, their Apollo line of premium audio interfaces also host the UAD platform software with onboard DSP. UAD processing software has become the golden standard in studios all over the world, making UA equipment an essential component in educational institutions. 

Universal Audio have recently announced their fully UAD-integrated recording system called LUNA, which comes free with Apollo interfaces, making Apollo a one-stop recording solution.

GEC5 – Group Education Controller: Everything you need for effective group instruction

The Korg Group Education Controller (GEC5) is a hardware/software package that makes teaching music in the classroom much, much easier. You get easy-to-use software, multiple practice and instruction modes and wireless tablet integration, all designed to improve your efficiency and enhance your students’ learning experience. 

You can connect endless combinations of audio signals to the GEC5, including digital pianos, electric guitars, virtual instruments, and more. And since it supports up to 32 Student Interfaces, the GEC5 can comfortably handle classes of all shapes and sizes. 

3 modes make leading group classes easy: Lecture, Practice, and Group:

  • Lecture Mode allows all students to hear your instrument and microphone
  • Practice Mode lets you listen in on each student and communicate via your headset
  • Group Mode facilitates ensemble and collaborative practice between groups of students

Software Synthesisers, Effects and MIDI Controllers

Arturia have lovingly recreated 23 of the world’s most revered synthesisers and keyboards in software, making their sound and workflow accessible to all. This includes the Moog MiniMoog, Yamaha CS80, Roland Jupiter 8, Sequential Circuits Prophet, Mellotron, Oberheim Matrixand plenty more.

Arturia also manufacture a number of keyboard MIDI controllers called KeyLab and KeyLab Essential that integrate natively with their software titles.

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