Tascam CA-XLR2d Series of Microphone Adapters to Add Professional Audio Input to Cameras

Tascam CA-XLR2d Series of Microphone Adapters to Add Professional Audio Input to Cameras

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Together with TASCAM, we are excited to announce the imminent arrival of the CA-XLR2d Series of professional audio XLR microphone adapters for mirrorless cameras.

Available in three configurations:

Each kit combines the leading camera manufacturers’ expertise with high-quality audio capturing technology from TASCAM.

CA-XLR2d-AN (Nikon & Others Kit)
CA-XLR2d-C (Canon Kit)
CA-XLR2d-F (FujiFilm Kit)

The video and movie streaming market has been rapidly expanding, and audio quality is one of the essential elements to influence viewers’ engagement. Because of this, the number of video creators and producers who are exploring better audio quality is now able to capture high-quality audio directly into the camera.


Microphone adapter to add a professional audio XLR input to mirrorless cameras

Direct digital audio transmission via a digitized accessory shoe with a built-in AD converter (only compatible for products from Canon and Fujifilm)

Power is supplied by the camera using the data transmission shoe (only compatible with products from Canon and Fujifilm)

Built-in high performance: the TASCAM HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) mic-preamplifier achieves high-quality audio, low noise, wide dynamic range (Mic/Line level switchable, +48V Phantom power supply)

2 modes on analog output

Camera mode for audio transfer to camera’s mic-in

Headphone mode: for direct headphone monitoring

Expect to Pay

XLR Audio Adaptor Analogue Nikon & Others Kit 
SSP $769.00
XLR Audio Adaptor Canon
SSP $849.00
XLR Audio Adaptor Fujifilm
SSP $849.00

Extended 3-year warranty on all Tascam products when your Customers Register via the Link: