V6.4.3 Service Release for all Soundcraft Vix00 and x000 Series Consoles now Available

V6.4.3 Service Release for all Soundcraft Vix00 and x000 Series Consoles now Available

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Soundcraft have announced that after a long gap, regular software updates to the Vi console range operating software have been resumed. A new software release V6.4.3.328 for all Vi1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000 and Vi200/400/600 consoles is now available from the Soundcraft website.

This release contains some significant new features together with additional bug fixes and improvements. These are summarized below, but for full details please see the Vi V6.4.3 Software User Guide, available here.

In order to ensure maximum stability and usability, Soundcraft recommend that this software is installed on all Vix00 and x000 consoles.

New Features:

  • Tie Lines now have a new ‘Isolate ALL’ control to allow their patch and label settings to remain unchanged when loading different Shows, in conjunction with the existing ‘Load ISO with Show’ control.
  • VCA Master Isolation: VCA Masters now have the ability to individually Isolate the VCA label, Fader/mute and Aux VCA master parameters, allowing more granular control over the recall of these items globally in snapshots using the fader-panel ISO button on the VCA Master strips. New touchscreen controls act as pre-selects for the function of the fader-panel ISO buttons, with a text indicator in the VCA label showing whether ‘partial’ or ‘full’ isolation is active for each VCA master.
  • VCA Scope: As with the isolation controls, the VCA Channel Scope and Apply Changes systems also now have the ability to deal with the VCA label, Fader/mute and Aux VCA elements of the VCA Masters separately in terms of selection for recall on individual snapshots. A key benefit this gives is the ability to update VCA labels and Aux VCA fader positions in multiple snapshots, which was not possible in earlier software.


Bug Fixes / Improvements:

  • SHURE® ULXD4™ Receivers with REV2 hardware and ULXD4 and QLXD4™ receivers with new frequency bands (DCIDs) are now supported for Wireless Mic Monitoring (VM2). This fixes the issue where these receivers do not show up in the console’s device list even though they are on the network and detected by SHURE Wireless Workbench™.
  • Loading a show from a larger Vi surface on Vi1000 could result in GEQs being stuck in ‘large’ mode with insufficient faders to control all the bands. ‘Small’ GEQ mode is now automatically selected for all Shows loaded on Vi1000.
  • In Aux VCA mode, VCA master ISO failed to protect channel Aux send On/Off from changing when snapshots are recalled.

Vi1/2/4/6 Consoles Note

Note that Vi1, 2, 4 and 6 consoles use software version 4.9.x, therefore the V6.4.3 software update cannot be installed on these consoles. No updates to the V4.9 software that runs on these consoles are being planned at this time. The current version is V4.9.2.306b.

Offline Editor

An updated version of the Virtual Vi Offline Editor is also available incorporating the above features and bug fixes, allowing pre-programming of Show files.

Show Compatibility

There are no Show compatibility issues with this release, but please see the Software Features User Guide for notes on two points to be aware of.

ViSi Remote iPad App

There is no change to the ViSi Remote app with this release.

Where to get the software update

Downloads are now available on the Soundcraft website: www.soundcraft.com.

  • From the Vi1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000 and Vi400/600 CPU Upgrade product pages. Scroll down the page to the ‘Downloads’ area and look under ‘Software’.
  • From the ‘Software’ page in the Support menu, scroll directly to the 6.4.3 update file links.

Update Instructions

Please download and read the Update Instructions here.

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