Warranty Registration

*Valid only for purchases from Australian authorised retailer

CMI currently offers purchasers a free extended Australian warranty on:

*Please note – our free extended warranty time limits are inclusive of any manufacturers warranties. Warranty coverage begins from the time of purchase, and is not added on top of manufacturer warranties.

  • JBL Professional –  5 years
  • Blackstar Amplification – 3 years
  • AKG – 3 years
  • Korg – 3 years
  • Tascam – 3 years

For a warranty to be honoured, customers are expected to register their products within 30 days of purchase.

Our extended warranties cover unexpected failure and defect of parts/components that have occurred during fair usage. Please note that only products distributed by CMI and purchased through an Australian authorised retailer (not a grey importer) are eligible for extended warranty.

Complete the form below:

How to Make a Claim

If you registered your product for extended warranty within 30 days of purchase, and now believe that your product has ceased functioning correctly within what you consider ‘fair usage’, please follow these steps:

  • Return the item to the place of purchase, explain that you would like to make a warranty claim and that you registered via CMI. The retailer will then liaise with us directly in order to have your product assessed by an authorised repairer.
  • Our authorised repairer will assess your product and decide if it’s repairable, or if it should be replaced with a new unit.
  • If you are unable to return to the place of purchase, please contact us and we will discuss how best to get your product to an authorised repairer.


In most cases, No. CMI is a wholesaler, we distribute our products to retailers around Australia. Please visit the home page or brand pages to find an authorised retailer near you. Bulk orders or commercial application products may be an exception, please contact us to discuss.

We do however have an online-only store front for the sale of B-stock, superceded product lines and ex-demo stock here

If you’d like to find the closest dealer to your location try our Find a Dealer search engine. There you can select your desired brand and you will be directed via Google Maps where to go.

For extended warranty registrations you will need to submit your application through the Warranty Registration page form.

If you have purchased a product that is presenting issues or is not working as expected, your first point of contact should be the store where you purchased the product, if they cannot help you the retailer will be in touch with us for further support or replacing of the product.

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