Source Audio

Source Audio was founded in 2005 by former executives of Analog Devices and Kurzweil. Their mission is to bring innovation to the audio effects world through the application of the latest in digital signal processing (DSP) technology.

Source Audio’s expertise in DSP programming and direct access to the highest quality audio processors via their relationship with Analog Devices, gives Source Audio an enormous advantage in the market. The fidelity and precision on tap in these cutting edge processors are a new high-standard, which when combined with the Source Audio team’s immense experience and engineering talent, have resulted in a product range that’s unmatched in its class.

Their most recent One Series pedal range feature deep, rich tones with pristine 56-bit processing, stereo ins and outs, and MIDI functionality. The pedals also offer deep editing power and a community library of thousands of user-created presets when connected to the Neuro Mobile and Desktop Editors.