The power of audio in education.

High quality audio is an essential component of a successful educational experience. Through utility technology for online streaming and practical technology for performance spaces, mixing suites or lecture halls there is great potential for advanced and innovative learning experiences.


Whether it’s a performing arts hall, lecture theatre or an ATMOS mixing suite, our audio solutions team are experienced in design and commissioning of cutting edge audio systems to enhance the learning experience. CMI are on the forefront of spacial audio technology with solutions for studio and live applications.

Front of House

With our state-of-the-art technology and advanced features, you can expect superior sound quality, excellent speech intelligibility, and reliable performance. Our Front of House PA systems are designed for easy setup and operation, making it simple for anyone to control and adjust the sound.

Spatial Sound

Appropriately designed and configured spatial audio setups are quickly becoming commonplace in universities and higher education facilities. Our team have experience in designing and commissioning both studio and live applications of spatial audio with market leading brands and technology.

Mixing, Microphone & Networked Audio Solutions

Our solutions for these performance spaces are not limited only to the speakers required, but we also provide high quality amplification, mixing consoles, industry leading wired and wireless microphone solutions as well as venue wide digital signal transport and control options, that will bring your venue in line with the latest industry products and trends for a world class venue experience.

Collarts Chooses JBL Professional for High-Spec, Future-Proof Audio Education

Collarts (Australian College of the Arts Pty Ltd) is an independent tertiary college specialising in degrees and diplomas in the creative industries, including audio engineering and music production. With four campuses all in the Melbourne creative havens of Collingwood and Fitzroy, Collarts starts their audio students’ careers right with groundings in all the fundamentals of studio recording, live production, and sound for film.

When the college moved its main campus from South Melbourne to Wellington St, Collingwood, they had an opportunity to build their recording, mastering, and post spaces to a high-end, modern specification, and have chosen JBL monitors in all their main rooms; Studio One, Critical Listening, and a mind-blowing, immersive Atmos Room.


Kings Baptist Church & School

Rodney Bates, heads INTLX Productions, in Adelaide and has years of experience fitting out churches and theatres. He met with the Kings Baptist leadership and heard the brief: “They were after a multipurpose venue that functions as a contemporary church but it’s also attached to Kings Baptist School, so the space would also accommodate school productions, assemblies and more.” 


St Mark’s Anglican Community School

John Crofts is the Production and Hire Manager at Perth’s Power Audio Visual, who have long served St Mark’s as an audiovisual installer and production company, bringing extra gear and labour when the school mounts larger, more technical productions. As a sales, installation, and rental company, Power’s market encompasses everything from backyard parties, pub and club install, and live concerts with thousands in attendance.


Braemer College Music Dept

Recently Braemer College in Mt Macedon, Victoria acquired a Soundcraft Ui24R digital mixer to replace their analogue mixing consoles. Music Dept head, Shaun Evans wrote us an extended product testimonial on why they chose the Soundcraft and what makes it perfect for Braemer College.


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