RackBrute 3U Noir is an adjustable Eurorack housing system that will store, protect, and power your Eurorack synth modules.

It’s the perfect solution for synthesists who want total control of their creative space; it’s easy to pack down and travel with thanks to its innovative design, keeping your precious modules safe from harm. It also features a built-in power supply module for global power, with status LEDs.

Slick all-black design
Discover a heavy-duty Eurorack case decorated with a fresh all-black exterior, complete with wooden sides, for a stealthier type of modular exploration.

A flexible solution
Whether you prefer to patch your modules facing up on your desk, at an angle while standing, or face-on while performing, RackBrute has you covered. You can even fold down the system for safe travelling or storage. No other Eurorack case gives you this level of flexibility.

Lock and load: the Arturia Link
Although it works beautifully as a configurable stand for your modular rig, the RackBrute system has been designed to work perfectly with the latest generation of Arturia hardware synths. Now it’s easy to create a portable, customizable musical ecosystem thanks to the Arturia Link. Hook up the MiniBrute or MiniBrute 2S with ease, and look forward to more synths adopting this superb, patent-free connection system.


Special edition all-black 3U Eurorack case

88HP total width, 83HP available when power supply module is connected

Robust steel and aluminium frame

Comfortable padded handle for pain-free travel

Configurable layout to suit any style of play

Power module: power supply with 1600mA +12V output, 1600mA -12V output and 900mA +5V output. 5HP width.

Space to connect up to 20 modules

 Link system: connect to another RackBrute to expand your collection, or MiniBrute 2 or MiniBrute 2S to create a full-blown modular synth creative EcoSystem

Retractable Spacers to prevent collisions while in transit.

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