Arturia Releases MiniLab 3, New Compact Keyboard & Pad Controller

Arturia has announced its latest iteration of the popular MiniLab controller with the MiniLab 3. It retains the 25-key design with pads and knobs, however, the updated version gives way to a simpler and more refined layout and includes 4 mini-sliders.

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Why you need the New MiniLab 3

Hands-on, easy to use
From the great-feeling keyboard to the smart DAW-integrated pads & faders, to the real-time mini display, every aspect of MiniLAB 3 is designed to be intuitive, expressive, and a joy to use – for beginners and pros alike.
Creative features
Enjoy a workflow that aids the creative process, with features like a built-in arpeggiator, Chord mode, custom DAW presets, and easy transposition. Making music has never been so accessible.
Portable, compatible design
MiniLAB 3 is built to fit seamlessly into any setup, from the bedroom to the stage, with its compact & lightweight design, deeper DAW integration, and MIDI out & USB-C connectivity.
Built to last
MiniLAB 3 is built with longevity and sustainability in mind. A rugged road-ready design, a 5-year warranty, a minimum 50% recycled plastic construction, and 100% recycled packaging means this controller goes the distance.
Creative software included
On top of a world-class MIDI controller, users get a full package of premium music-making software, from an industry-standard DAW to well over 500 synth & keyboard presets


 25-note velocity-sensitive slim keyboard.

• Useful, tactile controls:

• 2 banks of 8 high-quality velocity & pressure sensitive pads with RGB backlighting

• 8 rotary encoders

• 4 sliders

• Mini display & clickable browsing knob, with real-time feedback on tweaks and controls.

• Built-in Arpeggiator.

• Hold and Chord modes.

• Effective DAW functionalities:

• Custom-written DAW scripts for intuitive integration with major DAWs

• 8 DAW & user presets

• DAW Transport Control

• Octave up and down buttons for full range, Transpose for semitone transposition.

• 2 capacitive touch sensors for pitch bend and modulation wheel.

• Control input for pedal: sustain, expression, or footswitch.

• USB-C MIDI connects to computers and MIDI Control Centre.

• MIDI 5-pin DIN output for connection to external MIDI instruments and gears.

•Seamless integration with all Arturia software instruments, including Analog Lab: select sounds, browse presets, switch parts, smart-assigned controls.


Available in 3 Finishes

Deep Black


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